The horrific death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of police in the United States, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Regis Korchinski-Paquet (currently being investigated) in Toronto, sparked calls for racial justice.

Anger, rage and helplessness have been expressed along with calls of lament and for action and for justice. Together, in Living Faith, we affirm that,

“God’s justice is seen when we deal fairly with each other and strive to change customs and practices that oppress and enslave others. Justice involves protecting the rights of others. It protests against everything that destroys human dignity.”

It is our collective task and responsibility as followers of Jesus to witness to the truth of the Gospel, to speak clearly against evil in this and all of the forms and to continue Christ’s ministry of reconciliation in the world. Black lives matter, and to say anything other rejects the biblical affirmation that all are lovingly made in the image of God.

Hands with "Stop Racism" phrase

In 2019, the General Assembly said that,

“The Presbyterian Church in Canada affirms that all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating for superiority of peoples or individuals on the basis of national origin or racial, religious, ethnic or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust” (A&P 2019, p. 35).

This underscores the kinds of just relationships we are called to build, in both the great commandment to love God and each other, and as ambassadors for reconciliation.

For those seeking resources in responding to the call for racial justice, consider:

Additional resources will be coming in the weeks ahead.