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This page provides resources, contacts and assistance for ruling elders in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

To place an order for print copies, contact Parasource Distribution at 1-800-263-2664, or use the online order form under “Church Life.”

Equipping Elders CoverEquipping Elders Resource

This PDF contains the resource Equipping Elders, a compilation of “For Elders” and “Equipping For… Elders” publications that have been produced quarterly since 1997. In most cases the articles are copied directly into this resource; in other instances, they are edited or parts are selected and placed into appropriate sections. It is available for purchase as a binder with hole-punched sheets for $23.

Clergy Resources for Session MeetingsClergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats

Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats is a compilation of session starters and workshops designed to answer common questions about session meetings.

Board of Managers Handbook

This handbook was written primarily for members of the board of managers to help them understand their work in the church. However, ministers and members of Session will also benefit from reading it. The handbook is available for purchase for $8.

Becoming an Elder in the PCCBecoming an Elder in The Presbyterian Church in Canada

This resource has been prepared to provide introductory information about discerning a call to eldership – to discern one’s own call or to nominate others who might be called. The hope is that this resource might encourage readers to learn more about the role of elder and help start conversations about becoming a church elder.

Popular Downloads

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Session Documents

Equipping for… Elders

Leading with Care, May 2017
Session Starter: 
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What’s on your mind?: What does the Committee on Church Architecture do?

Encouraging Generosity in Ministry
Human Sexuality and the 2016 General Assembly
When a Minister Retires
Study and Report – What and Why
General Assembly Bits and Bites
  • A Long Weekend General Assembly - Download
  • Being a representative elder - Download
  • Choosing New Elders - Download
  • Church Matters: A Board of Managers Handbook - Download
  • Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats - Download
  • Elders and their Relationship with other Church Leaders - Download
  • Elders Institute Newsletter, Spring 2013, Vol 17 - Download
  • Elders: Who they are and what they do - Download
  • Eldership in Today's Church - Download
  • Equipping Elders - Complete Collection - Download
  • How Adults Learn - Download
  • How Congregational Size Affects Leadership - Download
  • How Elders do their Ministry/Work - Download
  • Leading with Care - Download
  • May a non-elected elder serve as a representative elder? - Download
  • Presbyterian Church Government - How We Govern Ourselves - Download
  • Six Thinking Hats: Making Good Decisions at Your Session Meeting - Download
  • Term Service for Elders - Download
  • The ABC's of Becoming a More Effective Elder/Leader - Download
  • Vision/Mission Statements for your Congregation/Ministry - Download

What’s On Your Mind?

  • Can the congregation’s budget be amended at the annual meeting? - Download
  • Does a motion to adjourn need to be seconded? - Download
  • Holidays for ministers, part one - Download
  • Holidays for ministers, part two - Download
  • How do I handle electronically produced session minutes? - Download
  • May a non-elected elder serve as a representative elder? - Download
  • May congregations or church courts apply for grants from the gaming industry? - Download
  • Review of ministry – part one - Download
  • Review of ministry – part two - Download
  • Trustee liability - Download
  • What happens to continuing education funds when a minister leaves a congregation? - Download
  • What is a trust deed? - Download
  • Who May Call a Congregational Meeting - Download
  • Why do congregations have trustees? - Download
  • Why do elders need to obtain a police records check? - Download

Session Starters