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Social Media

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Twitter allows you to send short updates to people. See the PCC’s Twitter feed at @pcconnect
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Denominational Bodies

Crieff Hills Retreat and Conference Centre
The Crieff Hills Retreat and Conference Centre located near Guelph, Ont., is owned and operated by The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Knox College
The Presbyterian College, Montréal
The Presbyterian College Montréal
Vancouver School of Theology
Vancouver School of Theology
Atlantic Mission Society
The Atlantic Mission Society works to support with prayer, study and service, mission endeavours through The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Women's Missionary Society
The Women’s Missionary Society encourages the church to be involved in local and world mission. Visit their site to learn about the Women’s Gathering.


Presbycan Daily Devotional
The Presbycan Daily Devotional website offers daily Christian meditations based on everyday experiences as they relate to scripture.
Presbyterian Young People's Society
The Presbyterian Young People’s Society (PYPS) brings together youth between 14 & 25 to experience God, grow in their faith, and meet new friends. PYPS for Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda, PYPS for Synod of Southwestern Ontario.
Presbyterian Museum
The Presbyterian Museum collects, preserves and displays three-dimensional artifacts from Presbyterian churches in Canada and our mission partners.
Presbyterian Archives
The Presbyterian Archives documents the life and work of the PCC by acquiring and preserving records of value to the church.
Order of Diaconal Ministries
The Order of Diaconal Ministries encompasses those designated for service in a broad range of ministry.

Related Corporations

Presbyterian Record
The Presbyterian Record is the magazine of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

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