Resources of Encouraging Generosity

Stewardship is at the heart of the Christian life. The Stewardship and planned giving department provides tools, guides, webinars and other resources to help you and your congregation discern, develop and exercise your time, talent and treasure as stewards of God’s gift and grace. Resources are available for leaders, congregations and individuals.


Compare Digital Giving Solutions

Digital giving makes giving easier for modern churchgoers. Tools like, and offer multiple ways for people to give through your website and using mobile apps.

Legacy Gifts and Planned giving

Through the passing of our legacy, we respond to the call to be faithful stewards of what God has given us. Learn how planning can maximize the impact of your legacy gift.

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Program

Using the PAR program for regular monthly offerings allows congregational members and adherents to give intentionally, proportionally and faithfully to the church, even when they are not able to be there in person.

The Importance of Saying "Thank You"

Gratitude powers a perpetual cycle of thankfulness in a culture of giving. Learn how and when to say thank you.

Transform Online Course

Discover how this conference nurtures generous giving while growing your ministry.

Generosity Assessment: Congregational Giving Review Tool

Easily customized and flexible, the Generosity Assessment tool helps congregations assess the culture of giving in their context.

Explore: A History of Visionary Presbyterian Giving

Discover visionary Presbyterians who planted seeds of hope that lasted for generations. Read their giving stories.

Making a Charitable Bequest

Charitable Bequests

Discover the different ways to give a charitable bequest, including types of bequests, example case studies and an explanation of benefits.

Legacy Gift Wording in Your Will Webpage

The Last Will and Testament webpage explores the logistics of creating and updating a will and provides sample wording which can be used in wills when making a legacy gift.

Worship Resources

Stories of Mission 2021 cover

Stories of Mission: Living Faith

In this insert you will find stories of people—from across Canada and around the world—sharing God’s love, hope, peace and justice with those around them. These stories bring to life the ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Bulletin Insert: Giving Guide

This insert looks at how we are called to give regularly, cheerfully, gratefully and proportionally. One side provides a giving guide to help people calculate a proportional weekly gift based on their income.

Gifts with Impact Bulletin Insert: Legacy in Your Will

This easy-to-read insert explains the basics of charitable bequests. It includes a case study and list of benefits for donors.

Gifts with Impact Bulletin Insert: Life Beneficiary Gifts

This easy-to-read insert explains how you can name your congregation as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or TFSA to provide a legacy gift to your church while reducing the taxes payable by your estate.

Gifts with Impact Bulletin Insert: Publicly Traded Securities

This easy-to-read insert explains how you can transfer publicly traded securities – shares, bonds, or mutual funds — to a registered charity, and receive a tax credit for the fair market value while not paying tax on the capital gain.

Gifts with Impact Bulletin Insert: Charitable Gift Annuities

This easy-to-read insert explains how a charitable gift annuity provides a tax receipt and an income for life (often tax exempt) – without the worry of investment risk.

Gifts with Impact Bulletin Insert: Life Insurance

This easy-to-read insert explains how a gift of life insurance, through a new or existing policy, is a creative way to leave a legacy gift to a ministry for a comparatively small financial outlay. Tax credits for the premiums offset taxes now.

Bulletin Insert: Legacy Gifts

A general overview of the concept of legacy gifts, this bulletin insert provides a few short examples of impactful gifts from the history of the church and lists types of planned gifts that can be given.

Bulletin Inserts: "Discovering Stewardship" Series

Introduce stewardship basics to your congregation over a six week period with these six Discovering Stewardship bulletin inserts. Topics cover stewardship of creation, debt, our talents, buying choices and more.

Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Worship Planner

Celebrate the mission and ministry we accomplish together through Presbyterians Sharing with this complete worship planner. Use it in full or part for Presbyterian Sharing Sunday, the last Sunday in September.

Legacy Giving Sunday Worship Planner

You can use this worship planner on Legacy Sunday (the third Sunday in November) or adapt excerpts for use across multiple Sundays. Legacy Sunday is an opportunity to help people consider the legacy they hope to leave to the church and in the world.

Presbyterians Sharing Resources Order Form

This resource order form can be used to order brochures, bulletin inserts, posters, a thermometer chart and more for your church’s fundraising activity for Presbyterians Sharing.

One Mission. Two Funds. Video

A short video to help illustrate the mission and ministry supported by Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D programs.

Legacy Sunday Videos

These videos can be shown on Legacy Sunday or any time you’re talking about stewardship and planned giving.

Together in Mission video Thumbnail

Together in Mission Video

This 2-minute video highlights the ministry we do together through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development.

Larger Bulletin Inserts

Presbyterians Sharing Brochure

This 4-page booklet summarizes who and what is supported by generous gifts to Presbyterians Sharing. Includes short testimonials and photos from people who serve and are served by Presbyterians Sharing.

Mission Moments Booklet

This booklet highlights the mission and ministry we do together through Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D. Print highlights in your bulletin/church newsletter or project on screen using digital versions.

Gifts of Change 2022-2023

Gifts of Change 2022-2023 Catalogue

This catalogue lists many ministry programs supported by PWS&D, International Ministries and Canadian Ministries. To give a gift, review the selections in the catalog or online and choose one or more projects to support.

One Mission. Two Funds. Brochure

This brochure illustrates how gifts to Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D share Christ’s love in Canada and around the world.

Learning About Stewardship

Discovering Stewardship booklet

The Discovering Stewardship booklet looks at the basics of stewardship and provides tools that you can use to introduce the concept of stewardship to your congregation.

Stewardship for Children booklet

Helping children to understand and participate in stewardship is essential to their faith journey, and is an important element of a congregation’s stewardship ministry.

How to Create a "Statement of Stewardship" for your congregation

Develop a booklet customized to your congregation that offers practical guidelines for giving and financial stewardship and helps people grow as stewards in response to God’s grace.

Example Narrative Budget

A narrative budget transforms your church’s line-item budget into “missional” categories like worship, nurture, service, and evangelism. It is easy to understand and shares how gifts help accomplish your congregation’s vision.

What Clergy Should Know

Read about how knowing giving data can make a ministry more effective.

Treasurer's Handbook

Download the Handbook for Congregational Treasurers. The book provides useful checklists for first time treasurers and covers the church budget, paying church staff, charitable activities, disbursements, government regulations, and financial statements.

What Clergy Should Know About What People Give

An easy-to-read one-sheet to help sessions discuss and individuals answer the question: “What is the basic giving information that should be made available to the minister and leaders of a church?”

"Encouraging Generosity in Ministry... Inspire, Ask, Thank"

Practical tips for how your communications with members, adherents and friends can help build a culture of generosity and increase support for your church.

Thank You Letter Examples

Examples of “thank you” letters that you can review for inspiration, structure, and wording. Each sample says “thanks” in a different way, depending on a few variables.

Thank You Letters for People Who Didn't Give

Stewardship expert, Lori Gunther Reesor, proposes that everybody should get a thank-you note – even people who didn’t give.

Donation Forms

Gifts of Securities: Donation Form

This form is for gifts of publicly traded securities. It requires the authorization of the donor and provides instructions to the broker. Download and complete this printable form and forward to both the broker, who will initiate the transfer and the PCC, who will provide the receipt.

Gifts of Securities: Estate Donation Form

This form is for estate gifts of publicly traded securities. It requires the authorization of the executor of the estate and provides instructions to the broker. Download, complete and forward to both the broker, who will initiate the transfer and the PCC who will provide the receipt.

Gifts of Securities: ONLINE Donation Form

This online form is for gifts of publicly traded securities from individuals or estates. Upon submission of the form, a copy is sent to you by email, so you can forward it to your broker, who will be the one to initiate the transfer.

Application for Gift Annuity

Download and print this confidential Application for Gift Annuity Form or contact the Stewardship & Planned Giving department and we’ll be glad to mail you one with a quote for a specific annuity gift. Learn more here.

Recorded Webinars

Webinar: Building Generous Congregations

This recorded webinar introduces Lori Guenther Reesor’s research about giving patterns in congregations and generosity as an important part of church health. It also talks about how to nurture communities of joyful generosity and help congregations talk about money and giving

Webinar: The Power of Digital Giving

This recorded webinar examines tools congregations can use to introduce online giving and giving apps. It teaches practical ways to implement online giving and ideas to promote it.

Webinar: Sharing Your Story

This recorded webinar explains how to present your church’s budget in a way that shares what the congregation is accomplishing in mission and ministry. Help people see and experience the impact their gifts are having.

Webinar: Narrative Budget

In this recorded webinar the Rev. Mark Tremblay shares some practical tools that Knox, Calgary has used over the years to construct their narrative budget. He talks about what they have learned, what has worked, what has not worked and more.

Webinar: About Bequests

Would receiving a bequest help your church? Do you need help broaching this topic? This recorded webinar provides practical tools for talking specifically about bequests in your congregation.

Webinar: Saying Thank you!

This recorded webinar will explore the importance of saying thank you to the people who have generously supported your congregation’s mission and ministry, and ways to do it that reflect our faith.

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