New Beginnings Training for Coaches

Welcome to the New Beginning Coaches Portal!

This portal has been created to support you in your work as a coach by gathering resources and reporting tools in a centralized location.

The role you play as a coach is of vital importance to the New Beginnings process. Your guidance helps congregations identify and move towards their new beginning. Further, the information gathered in your mid and final reports helps Canadian Ministries develop appropriate resources for participants and provides information that will help further the growth of the program.

Reporting Tools

Below are links the the various online forms that will assist you in gathering all the information required to complete your coaching tasks. Fillable PDF versions follow.

Coaching Covenant:  The Coaching Covenant outlines what is required in each coaching relationship and collects information for the payment process.  The covenant must be submitted before beginning a coaching relationship.

Monthly Check-In: The Monthly Check-In is a tool designed to help coaches keep track of coaching conversations and implementation team progress.  The information stored in this document is confidential and will only be accessed by the coach.  Coaches are free to develop their own tracking system if preferred.

Mid-Term Report: The Mid-Term Report is the first of two reports that tracks the progress the implementation team. This report is required as part of the Coaching Covenant and will be reviewed by PCC staff.

Final Report: The Final Report is the report that describes the progress made by the participant during the coaching relationship.  This report concludes the covenanting relationship with the congregation. Upon approval of the Final Report the concluding honorarium payment will be issued to the coach.

Training and Resources

Below are links to training and resources to support you and train you for your role as a coach.

New Beginnings Program Outline

Your congregation is in the midst of making an important decision – whether to embark on a bold and exciting journey towards a new era of ministry. This resource outlines, step-by-step, the 12 month process of the New Beginnings program.

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New Beginnings Bulletin Insert

Promotional bulletin insert that explains how New Beginnings is a process that helps congregations find clarity and embrace a new vision for their future ministry.

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Bulletin Insert Blurbs

Promotional bulletin insert blurbs to help you promote within your congregation.

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1001 New Worshipping Communities: Coaching Manual

Coaching is a powerful conversation that facilitates a well-functioning adult to know what they want to achieve and through a supportive, yet challenging, manner helps them along a path toward fulfillment of their goals and dreams.Being involved in starting a new worshiping community can be one of the most invigorating places to do ministry in the church, but it also can be one of the most daunting! That is why this manual is such a valuable tool and resource for the 1001 movement. Our leaders often find themselves trying to sort out 1,001 details in the process of getting their 1001 community up and running!

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New Beginnings Coaching Covenant

New Beginnings coaches play an important role in supporting the congregation’s ministry leader and elders as they discern God’s call for the future of their church. New Beginnings coaches guide congregations through a process to find clarity, develop an informed opinion, make a choice based on their context and condition, and move into action. This document covers the role, support, responsibilities and expectations of a New Beginnings coach.

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Meeting Prep Sheet – Implementation Team

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New Beginnings Intake Form

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New Beginnings Monthly Coaching Check-In

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New Beginnings Final Coaching Report

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