The Life and Mission Agency is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Jennifer de Combe as the Associate Secretary for Canadian Ministries. This appointment will take effect as of December 7, 2015.

Jen de Combe began her career in the church in the late 1990s as Pastoral Animator for the Eastern Townships School Board. She went on to leadership roles in both congregational and social justice ministry settings. Most recently, Jen has served the church as Executive Director of Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre, a Presbyterian and Anglican social ministry in Montreal. Jen considers the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul (Montreal) her home church.

Jen has been involved in innovative initiatives within the church, including the development of thriving young adult ministries and the creation of dynamic partnerships between congregations and social ministry sites. She has led workshops on leadership and organizational development at conferences across Canada. Her commitment to ministry extends far beyond the workplace. As a volunteer, Jen has taken on a number of roles in areas of youth ministry and visioning and transformation work at the Presbytery level.

Jen holds a Master in Sacred Theology degree from McGill University and is a candidate for ministry. Jen is fully bilingual in French and English and is known for her enthusiasm for ministry, commitment to kindness and sense of social justice.