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The following resources and materials are available to order through Augsburg Fortress Canada. To search for a particular item, use your computer’s “Ctrl + F” (Windows) or “Command + F” (Mac) feature. Any resource marked in blue is a link to download, free of charge. All prices and formats (such as large print editions) are listed in the online order form.

How to Order

To place an order, or for more information on any of these resources, please call Church Customer Service at 1-800-263-2664 or email church [at] davidccook [dot] ca.

All resources below can be ordered using the Online order form.

Church Life and Supplies

Acts and Proceedings (A&P) – 2015
Acts and Proceedings, Book of Forms, Social Action Handbook CD
Annual Calendars
Annual Calendars
Calendar Envelopes
Being a Presbyterian in Canada Today
Becoming an Elder in The Presbyterian Church in Canada
Book of Forms
Called to Covenant 2-book set (Book) & (Resource Book)
Calling a Minister
Candidacy Process in PCC
Church Matters
Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats
Confessing the Faith Today
Elder’s Record Binder
Elder’s Record Insert per 100
Eldership in Today’s Church
Equipping Elders
Not by Constraint
Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves
Policy and Procedures for Interim Ministry
Leading with Care Binder
Leading with Care Brochure
Leading with Care Poster
Pew Cards
Policy for Dealing with Sexual Abuse Book
Policy for the Dissolution of Pastoral Ties
Policy for Dealing with Sexual Abuse and/or Harassment Pamphlets (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese translations available)
Presbyterian Museum bulletin insert
Am I Being Called?
Prayer Guide for Elders
Session Minute Book
Social Action Handbook CD (includes Book of Form and A&P)
Together in Ministry
Training for Sessions and Congregations in Dealing with Sexual Abuse/Harassment Issues
Visitor’s Envelopes

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Profession of Faith Certificates
Baptism Certificates
Book of Common Worship
Book of Common Worship CD
How to Pray in Your Own Way – Leader’s Guide
How to Pray in Your Own Way – Participant’s Workbook
What Happens in Baptism
Your Child’s Baptism
Membership Transfer Certificates
Marriage Register
Baptism Register
Burial Register
Book of Praise
Book of Psalms
Book Plates
Children in the Sanctuary DVD
Communion Cards
Communion Roll and Register Sheets (Online Only)
Gifts of God: The Sacraments Study Guide
Gifts of God: The Sacraments DVD (Communion | Baptism)
The Labyrinth (For Rental Only)
Living Faith
Living Faith
Study Guide
Worship in Long Term Care Settings (Persons with Alzheimers Disease and Dementia)

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Presbyterians Sharing

Education for Mission Congregational Handbook
Gifts of Change
Presbyterians Sharing envelopes
Presbyterians Sharing brochure
Presbyterians Sharing poster
Presbyterians Sharing fundraising thermometer
Presbyterians Sharing Sunday worship resource
Presbyterians Sharing inserts
One Mission, Two Funds pamphlet
2014 Annual Report Cover

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D)

PWS&D resources online order form


Stewardship Theme Material (New themes released in the spring)

  • Bulletins
  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Commitment Cards
  • Giving Magazine
  • Poster

How Much Should We Give inserts
Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

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Christian Education

Being the Church
Catechism for Today
Education for Mission Congregational Handbook
Glorifying and Enjoying God
Wisely and Fairly For the Good
Who is Jesus – A Reformed View
Current Partners Study
Previous Partners Study
Previous Making Connections

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How Can a Church be Welcoming Pamphlet
Why Bring Your Child to Church Pamphlet
Pathways to Leadership
The Joyful Feast in God’s Household
Boy/Girl Scout Badge
Wrapped in God’s Love: Stewardship (Infant to 18 years)


Enduring Witness
From the Bottom Up
Kimchi & Maple Leaves
Preserving Your Heritage


After Modernism… What?, written by W.W. Bryden
The Cutting Edge of Mission, Vol. I
The Cutting Edge of Mission, Vol. II
The Cutting Edge of Mission, Vol. III
This Presbyterian Church of Ours, written by John Congram

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