Stewardship of Creation

In the PCC’s Statement of Christian Belief, we confess “We are not owners, but stewards of God’s good earth. Concerned with the well-being of all of life, we welcome the truths and insights of all human skill and science about the world and the universe. Our stewardship calls us to explore ways of love  and justice in respecting God’s creation and in seeking its responsible use for the common good.”

On this page you will find resources to help your congregation express faithful stewardship of God’s creation and statements that aest to our church’s commitment to preserving and protecting the world for the common good of all people and for generations to come.

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Worship Resources

God’s Good Old Earth
Developed by the Rev. Dr. Nancy Cocks, a retired Presbyterian minister, this PCC Earth Day intergenerational worship resource can be used in full or as part of your worship service. It includes a call to worship, prayers, scripture, a short play and more. The resource expresses love for God’s earth and our highlights our responsibility to take care of the earth as stewards of creation. You can download a copy here .

God's Good Old Earth

8-page PCC Earth Day Intergenerational Worship Resource

Insert: How Materials Decompose Chart
Use alone or as a companion piece to the God’s Good Old Earth worship resource. This bullen insert, (also found on page 6 of the God’s Good Old on a moment to think about dirt, the creatures that live in it and how important dirt is to the earth. To download this resource, click here .

Materials Decompose chart

Easter & Earth Day Reflection
A new resource produced by Justice Ministries includes a reflection highlighting the world-renewing power of Christ’s resurrection and the speech God gives at the end of the book of Job to explore the love and care God has shown for creation—and our need as Christians to demonstrate that love and care too. It also includes a study guide for the Accra Confession of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (a confession focused specifically on economic and ecological justice from a Reformed Christian standpoint) and a Call and Response prayer for Earth Day. You can download a copy here .

To order free printed copies, use the online order form (under Featured Resources) or contact the Communications Office at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 331.

Easter and Earth Day Cover

PCC Action on Climate Change

Summary of Recommendations and Actions by General Assemblies of The PCC on Climate Change and Energy (2015)Beginning with 1990, this document lists twenty-five years of recommendations and actions on Climate Change and Energy by the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It then summarizes the Statements by General Assemblies regarding Climate Change and Energy, dang back to 1973, including statements on theology, the environment, energy and land use. The earth, and all that is in it, are gis from God, and in order to survive, we are called to honour God as Creator.

Justice book climate change

Justice Caring for Gods Creation

International Affairs Committee Report on Climate Change
This Report reviews the theological and scientific perspectives on climate change, the economic and social costs and how we should respond. Today’s choices will determine the impact on future generations.

Moderators speaking notes ecumenical forum on climate change 2011-05-11

Climate in Peril: How People of Faith will Care and Advocate for Creation
Moderator’s Speaking Notes on Climate Change (2011)
This speech covers the history, the proclamation, the covenant relationship, the calling, the lament, the need for repentance, the promise & the hope, and what we can do about climate change.

GA Commissioners Carbon Footprint 2014

GA Commissioners – Carbon Footprint Calculation
This guide helps GA commissioners calculate their approximate carbon emissions travelling to the General Assembly and may be used for other church events.

Letter for Hon C McKenna re COP21 meetings

Moderator’s Letter to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
In 2015, the moderator wrote to support the negotiation of a treaty to set targets that limit global warming to below 2° C at the United Nations climate change meetings in Paris.

COP22 Marrakech November 2016 EN

Moderator’s Letter Encouraging Prayer for UN Climate Change Conference – EN
Assurance of prayers and support
for the Canadian Participants of the 22nd session of the Conference of the Pares to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. (Marrakech, 2016)

COP22 Marrakech Novembre 2016 FR

Lettre du président de l’Assemblée générale encourageant la prière pour la conférence de l’ONU sur les changement climatiques
Assurance de prières et de soutien
pour les participants du Canada à la 22e session de la Conférence des Pares à la Convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques. (Marrakech, 2016).

Crieff Hill Retreat Centre

Crieff Hill Retreat Centre

Colonel John Bain Maclean, the founder of Maclean’s magazine, was born and raised in the small village of Crie , Ontario. When Col. Maclean died in 1950 he left 250 acres of his farm and its buildings to the Presbyterian Church in Canada and in the mid 1970’s the denomination began to develop the land as a retreat facility. Today, Crieff Hills Retreat Centre is open all year long, welcoming individuals and groups of up to a hundred people. This quiet place has an important mission in today’s busy world, providing a warm welcome and an opportunity for people from all walks of life to connect with the Divine and find renewal in God’s creation.

Ecumencial Resources

Here are a few additional resources of interest from friends of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

KAIROS Earth Day liturgy

Kairos Worship in Celebration of Earth Liturgy
Kairos Earth Day Liturgy
This worship service is grounded in the struggle of Indigenous peoples and the particular challenges they face as a result of devastating climate change and resource extraction on traditional lands.


Kairos Ecological Justice
KAIROS is committed to a vision of ecological justice where humanity lives within natural limits in connected relation to all of creation.

2019-02-20 Accra Confession

World Communion of Reformed Churches Accra Confession
The Accra Confession
Adopted in Accra, Ghana in 2004: the economic and ecological injustices of today’s global economy require the Reformed family to respond as a matter of faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2019-02-20 Greening Sacred Spaces

Faith & the Common Good: Greening Sacred Spaces
Greening Sacred Spaces
GSS assists faith communities with both the educational and spiritual dimensions of greening as well as the “how to” side of audits, retrofits, and generally reducing a faith community’s footprint.

2019-02-20 Green Churches

Green Churches Network
Green Churches
The Green Churches Network equips faith communities to opt for better ecological practices while educating members to live in a way that cares for creation.

Season of Creation – Green Churches

Green Churches Season of Creation
Season of Creation
Every year Green Churches share free downloadable spiritual, educational and acon materials to help churches celebrate the Season of Creation (Sept. 1 – Oct. 4).

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