Everyone can leave a legacy. A Legacy Sunday is a time set aside by congregations to celebrate gifts people have given to the church, Canada and the world – gifts that can support mission and ministry for generations to come.

The following materials can be tailored to help your congregation celebrate Legacy Sunday in your own context. Use the complete worship service text, sermon and children’s story videos and other digital components to create and customize your own service. Use on the third Sunday in November or any other Sunday in the year that works for you. Feel free to share the videos on social media or on your congregation’s website.

2021 Legacy Sunday Worship Service

Worship Service

The worship service text includes prayers, hymns, scripture selections, a sermon and a children’s story. Feel free to adapt it as you wish.
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2021 Legacy Sunday sermon

Video: Sermon – Stepping Forward in Faith

The Rev. Lara Scholey (St. Columba by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church, Pointe-Claire, Que) shares a sermon based on Philippians 3:4b–14. Show this video during worship or use the sermon text from the worship service with some of the components below to customize your own sermon.

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2021 Legacy Sunday Children's Story

Video: Children’s Story – Simon’s Apple Tree (with discussion)

Charming and colourful cut-outs bring to life the story of Simon and his apple tree to explore how we can share God’s love through our gifts. The story is written and animated by Heather Chappell. In this version of the video, Jim MacDonald discusses how the story connects to legacy, and concludes with a prayer. Heather and Jim work in the Stewardship & Planned Giving department of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

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2021 Legacy Sunday Children's Story

Video: Children’s Story – Simon’s Apple Tree (no discussion)

This version of the video includes only the animated story, so that you can personalize the children’s story time with your own discussion. The story can also be used on any Sunday to talk about generosity, sharing or family.

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2021 Legacy Sunday Sermon Slides

PowerPoint Slides for Sermon

Use these slides to illustrate the sermon in the worship service if you are not using the sermon video.

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2021 Legacy Sunday Bulletin Insert

Bulletin Insert: What Will Your Legacy Be?

Order or print this insert to share with your congregation on Legacy Giving Sunday.

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