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Malawi – Rev. Joel Sherbino

Rev. Joel Sherbino
Presbyterians Sharing supports the Rev. Joel Sherbino as he serves a two-year appointment as part-time Malawi Liaison with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in Blantyre Synod.

Joel, minister of Paris Presbyterian Church in Paris, Ontario, has a long history with Blantyre Synod.


Japan – David McIntosh

David McIntosh
Presbyterians Sharing supports David McIntosh, co-director of the Centre for Minority Issues and Mission (CMIM) in Tokyo, Japan.

Nepal – Dr. Nicholaus and Rebecca Bauman

Dr. Nicholaus and Rebecca Bauman
Presbyterians Sharing supports Dr. Nicholaus (Nick) and Rebecca (Becky) Bauman as they serve a two‐year appointment with the United Mission to Nepal, effective February 1, 2017. Nick serves as a General Surgeon at the United Mission Hospital Tansen (UMHT) which was first established in 1954. His responsibilities include providing surgical services and teaching postgraduate residents in the Medical Doctorate in General Practice.

They are connected to St. Mark’s and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian churches in Orillia.

Pakistan – Dr. Bill and Sheila McKelvie

Dr. Bill and Sheila McKelvie
Presbyterians Sharing provides support for Dr. Bill McKelvie, a physician working in various medical ministries with the Diocese of Hyderabad, Church of Pakistan, since 1988. In 1995, he started a tuberculosis (TB) control program which now operates six centres.

Taiwan – Louise Gamble

Louise Gamble
Louise Gamble has been working with our partner church, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, since 2006 (previously 1965-1973 an 2001-2004). She transcribes and translates reports and correspondence of the Canadian Presbyterian North Formosa (Taiwan) Mission. This includes over 7,000 documents from 1868 to 1923.

Taiwan – The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean

The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean
The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean has been serving as a Bible Translation Adviser in partnership with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and the Bible Society in Taiwan since 2012. Currently, he is helping six indigenous translation teams who are preparing Bibles in the Amis, Bunun, Drekay, Paiwan, Pinuyumayan and Tayal languages. During 1983-1995 and 2004-2011, Paul helped translate the Bible into Hakka. It was published in 2012.

Eastern Europe

Hungary – Jacqueline Bannerman

Jacqueline Bannermann
Jacqueline (Jackie) Bannerman is serving as a young adult intern in Budapest, Hungary with our longstanding partner, the Reformed Church in Hungary from January 1 to August 31, 2017. In her placement with the RCH Kalunba Refugee ministry, she will be working closely with refugees, teaching English and assisting with the English website. Jackie is a member of Chalmers Presbyterian Church in London, Ontario.

Ukraine – David and Anna Pándy-Szekeres

David and Anna Pándy-Szekeres
Since 2000, David and Anna have been serving the Reformed Church of Sub-Carpathian Ukraine (RCCU), a church of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine. David helps to post RCCU missionaries to designated mission fields and supervises their work. He also coordinates four Christian secondary schools that are renowned for their high academic standards and Christian teachings. Anna serves the church as a teacher and is principal and founder of Nagybereg Reformed Church Secondary School.

Presbyterian participation is made possible through Presbyterians Sharing.