Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Resources for Churches

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Churches have an important role to play in the support of people and communities at this time.

The advice from the national office has been and continues to be that congregations are urged to follow the advice of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Health authorities and make decisions accordingly. This is the minimum requirement, but it is the first place to go in making a decision about how best to respond to the evolving situation.


Session Resource on Re-Opening Church Buildings
Congregational Meetings During a Pandemic
Communications Tip: Is your church planning to re-open now or in the next few months? Be sure to keep members and visitors informed by updating the homepage of your church website, adjusting your voicemail message, and monitoring your email inbox. Will your church continue to offer online worship once the building re-opens? What physical distancing protocols will be put in place? Questions like these have been coming in regarding church openings, so make it easy for people by providing the information in prominent, easily accessible locations.

Additional resources congregations may find helpful:

10 Helpful Questions for Congregations to Ask at this Time – Congregational Consulting Group

Government of Canada Response & Awareness Resources

Provincial Government Updates