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  • CY2020, July 6 - 11, 2020
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  • Musicians


Join hundreds of youth, young adults and leaders

for five days of soul-satisfying worship…

July 6 – July 11, 2020

…unique expressions of faith in both large and small groups, unconventional keynotes and workshops, dynamic faith exploration and joyful celebration!

Youth, young adults and leaders from across the country and with guests from around the world come to this amazing event. Since 2000, CY has been a gathering place for all kinds of enthusiastic Presbyterians to worship, play, create, learn, dance, act, make new friends, study scripture, share joy, laugh, discover, recreate, reflect, pray, sing and share. More than 4,000 folks have attended the event since it began and the impact has been felt in our camps, congregations, and courts.

Plan to attend or encourage someone you know to attend! CY only comes around once every two years and is a time and a place to celebrate the vibrant ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada!

Group string activity



Every second summer, hundreds of youth, young adults and leaders join together from across our denomination, and with guests from around the world to celebrate their vibrant faith. CY2020 will continue that exciting tradition!

CY2020 will offer the 3 sensational tracks that it has become known for:


  • FUN

  • Worship
  • Small groups
  • Workshops

  • Recreation events


  • Music

  • A little hang-out time

  • Prayer

  • Curfew groups


  • All kinds of conversations

  • Laughter

  • Praise

  • And a few meals

What’s a TRACK?

CY is exceptional and unique because it is not just an event for youth.
The event is split into separate tracks, each track has a unique focus and objective and an independent schedule. The whole community, all tracks, come together daily together for amazing worship, and fabulous recreation.

Youth in the Youth Track spend time together in smaller groups to explore their faith, and to build community. Great rec activities and a huge list of possible workshops round out each day. This track celebrates the unique place of youth in the Presbyterian Church in Canada!

The Discipleship Track provides young adults (graduated high school to age 25) a place to come together to worship God, be fuelled by great conversation, engage in challenging small group discussions, and have fun with others who are in the same stage of life!

All sorts of Leaders in the Leadership Track are re-charged with outstanding plenary and workshop and panel sessions with thought-provoking congregational ministry experts. This track includes both theoretical and practical approaches to a variety of congregational ministry practices. Within the Leadership Track will be a stream focusing on Youth Ministry Leadership lifting up this dynamic ministry and highlighting the unique celebrations and challenges.


Please keep those who are planning CY2020 in your prayers as they work to create another fantastic event. And we’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions, send them along to cy [at] presbyterian [dot] ca

CY2020 is currently recruiting all the fabulous speakers, preachers and leaders for the event. Check back here to find out who will be joining the team!

Participant Info


When does registration begin?2019-05-17T13:14:36-04:00

CY2020 registration will begin in March 2020. Each participant will be required to pay a registration fee of $585.00 when you register for the event.

What will be provided – Linens, towels, meal cards, etc.2019-05-17T13:16:06-04:00

CY provides all the necessities for a week at a residential event. You are provided sheets for your bed and towels in your washroom though they are hospital-issue and are not particularly luxurious. You may want to pack a favourite pillow and an extra towel. You’ll receive a meal card for all meals, and a key to lock your residence room; Brock Residence Services staff are available 24/7 should you have a concern. All residence rooms are singles with one bathroom shared between two rooms.

The CY2020 registration fee includes ice cream at every meal.2019-05-17T13:18:55-04:00

Sadly, Ice cream is not available at breakfast . . . only lunch and supper.
The $585.00 registration fee covers all meals from Monday supper to Saturday lunch. Brock provides vegetarian options at each meal and can also accommodate other dietary needs as identified on your registration form.

I’m the only youth from my congregation and am a little nervous.2017-10-30T15:02:49-04:00

You might be the only one from your area but you are going to meet other young people and your A.B.L.E. Advisor as soon as you arrive at CY. You will be assigned to a small nightly covenant group for check in. You will part of a small group each day with other folks from across the country. You’ll worship with 500+ new friends, and have recreation events and workshops to be a part of each and every day.

It’s a brave decision to come on your own, and lots of CY leaders will do their best to make you feel welcome, and to connect you with others.

Worship is boring. Worship is a rock-concert.2017-10-30T15:02:37-04:00

Worship at CY is a dynamic response to God’s love and goodness. Worship at CY is interactive and engages all the senses. Worship at CY is diverse and uses different kinds of music. Worship at CY is filled with moments of enthusiasm as well as moments of contemplation and reflection. All the elements of worship experienced at CY can be used in any home congregation.

I want to be a CY champion – what should I be doing?2019-05-17T13:23:35-04:00
  • Be an advocate for youth, youth adults to attend and leaders– this is especially important for congregations that do not have on ‘regularized’ youth ministry program. Being the “only one” from a congregation can be frightening or overwhelming – your ongoing encouragement and support will make a huge impact.
  • Offer financial resources in the form of scholarships, travel assistance, or operating fund grants
  • Identify gifted leadership within your region – there are a variety of volunteer roles that are crucial to the event (advisors, health care providers, workshop and small group leaders, etc.)
  • Become a CY champion –encourage those who have attended CY to share their story, encourage your congregation to add an annual budget line-item to support CY, speak to parents about the power and vibrancy of CY highlighting it excellent programming and attention to safety and supervision.
  • Offer regular prayer:
    • for the CY2020 Planning Team as they faithfully work to design an event that will encourage and empower
    • for the leadership of the event who will be inspired to share their time and talent
    • for the congregations who will send participants, supporting those participants before, during and after the event
    • for the CY2020 participants who will attend – that they might experience a faithful landmark in their journey of discipleship.
I can invite my friends to visit me and come to CY worship.2019-05-22T13:29:06-04:00

CY2020 is a Leading with Care compliant community. All guests are expected to fill out a CY registration form, so that we know who is on-site. CY leadership diligently works to ensure a climate of safety and security for everyone at the event. It is important that we provide the highest quality of ministry. We need to know who is on-site within the community.

My friend can’t come because she’s not Presbyterian.2017-10-30T15:02:06-04:00

As a ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, most CY participants will be from congregations of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. We do have some guests from other churches who participate in shared youth groups or who are in partner ministries. Don’t hesitate to contact the CY coordinator if you have questions – cy [at] presbyterian [dot] ca

Only my youth leader will be watching out for me at CY.2019-05-17T13:20:44-04:00

The CY2020 Planning Team, along with presbyteries and synods, recruit a skilled Community Life Team which will be available throughout the event. This team is responsible for the safety and well-being of all participants and includes A.B.L.E. Advisors, (Adult, Bold Leaders with Energy who are recruited by congregations/presbyteries/synods) Conference Deans, Chaplains and Health staff. Each team member has fulfilled Leading with Care requirements and will be trained during the spring of 2020.

CY shopping – where can I find a toothbrush?2017-10-30T15:01:29-04:00

You will find most things that you’ll need during CY at either the Brock Bookstore or through the CY Admin Office.

It’s okay for me to leave CY during the week to—visit a friend in St. Catharines . . . visit Niagara Falls—shop at the outlet malls in Buffalo—to catch an early flight home.2017-10-30T15:01:36-04:00

CY is the full-meal-deal. It has a beginning, a middle and an end that are all important.
Should you need to leave site during the event, please contact the CY Coordinator.

I’ve finished making the arrangements for the youth, young adults, and youth leaders from my congregation to be on the bus/plane/train/van to CY2020 – my work here is done.2020-01-23T09:48:52-05:00

Your work has just begun. Arrange for them to be commissioned by the congregation before they leave, pray from them while they are away, welcome them home enthusiastically, ask them about the event, listen to their stories, encourage them to respond to their CY experience by participating in worship or presenting to a group from the congregation.

Information for Parents

A Day in the Life of CY

Each day will have some or all of these activities: worship, small groups, workshops, recreation events, music, a little hang-out time, prayer, curfew groups, all kinds of conversations, laughter, praise and a few meals. A finalized schedule will be available online by April 1st, 2020

Youth can…

  • Expect to be welcomed and loved!
  • Expect Spirit-filled worship with expressive praise
  • Expect to hear dynamic speakers
  • Expect to be engaged in scripture
  • Expect to have interests sparked and thinking challenged
  • Expect to be called to discipleship
  • Expect to meet unique and remarkable Presbyterians
  • Expect to be awakened, engaged and encouraged through God’s Word and by God’s people.
  • Expect to be part of an amazing community, gathered together to respond to Christ’s call.

Community Life at CY2020 – Being safe and secure at CY

A skilled Community Life Team is recruited, trained and available to the CY2020 community throughout the event. These staff people are responsible for supervision, safety and well being of participants. The Community Life team includes: A.B.L.E. Advisors, Conference Deans, Conference Chaplains and Health staff. Each team member has fulfilled Leading with Care requirements and will be trained prior to the event. Job descriptions for these positions are available upon request.

The Brock campus offers great facility space for CY2020 and the community will stay on-site for the duration of the event. All CY2020 participants both youth and adults are required to sign the CY2020 participant covenant and are expected to live by the Guidelines for Community Life as outlined on the registration form.

Housing and Meals

CY2020 participants will be housed in 2 separate Brock residences: Vallee and Earp. All residence rooms are singles with one bathroom shared between two rooms. Towels and linens are provided, though they are hospital-issue and are not particularly luxurious. Participants may want to pack a favourite pillow and an extra towel. Housing will be assigned by Track – youth participants and their assigned A.B.L.E. Advisors with be housed together within their regions, Discipleship Track and Leadership Track participants will be housed together, separate from the Youth Track.

Meals for the whole community will be provided at the Brock Cafeteria which is an ‘all you can eat’ format. The CY2020 registration fee covers all meals from Monday supper to Saturday lunch. Brock provides vegetarian options at each meal and can also accommodate other dietary needs as identified on your registration form.

Travel to the Event – how to get there

Many presbyteries and synods coordinate the travel of CY2020 participants as a delegation. Contact your minister, or synod regional staff, or the CY2020 coordinator for more information (see below). The CY2020 Registration fee does not include any travel costs.

On-Site check-in for CY2020 is available between 2:00 – 4:30 pm on Monday, July 6th at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. The conference will end on Saturday, July 11th, immediately following worship at approx.

12:00 pm (noon) A boxed lunch will be provided.

If you or your family members require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jo Morris, CY2020 Coordinator at 403-630-7382 or cy [at] presbyterian [dot] ca



$ Flower Sale: Team up with a florist or floral distributor. Sell roses for Valentines Day or spring bouquets for Mothers’ Day. Provide a delivery service along with the promotion to create additional funds.


$ Coffee House and Poetry Slam: Set up a microphone and invite people to share a favorite poem they have written or one written by their favorite poet. Sell coffee house drinks.


$ Treasure Chest: Fill a chest with donated prizes and sell keys to open the chest.


$ Celebrity Doodle Auction: Though this idea can take some time, it can yield amazing results. Send requests to celebrities asking for their one-of-a-kind doodles for auction. The more you approach, the better your chances of return. You may be surprised what you get in return!


$ Mystery Dinner: Offer couples a great night out on the town complete with dinner and entertainment. Contract for a group rate at a local inn or restaurant with a large reserved dining room. Work with a local theater group for script and performers.


$ Stanley Cup Playoff Party: Have a party, charge admission and have people bring lots of food. OR $ Hockey Night with Hogies: Offer pre-ordered sub sandwiches that will be delivered during the game.


$ Video Game Tournament: Think you are the best gamer among your friends? Prove it! Charge entry fees and have a concession stand and settle in.


$ Movie Night: Approach your local theater or movie store to ask about sponsorship initiatives. Many will either give you a discount or provide the event for free with the promise of publicity. If you can offer inexpensive admission, plus donated concession snacks, your Night at the Movies fundraising event will bring in gold!


$ Luau for Love: A pig roast + tiny drink umbrellas x grass skirts = equation for a fun time. Charge admission and sell drinks. Hula contests optional!


$ Penny Wars: Teams compete by decorating and filling jars with pennies with the object of collecting the most pennies. Competitors can throw other coins (and bills) in competing jars to throw off the penny total. The team with the highest penny total (minus the other change) wins!


$ Set Your Feet Up for a Day: Raffle off tickets for a chance to sit in a recliner and watch movies for an entire lunch break or class period.


$ Message in a Bottle: Sell messages in your school papers or company newsletters. Parents may want to wish their children a happy birthday. Students may want to put in a funny photo. Co-workers might use the space to advertise items for sale or to thank someone for a job well done.


$ Root Beer Floats: Sell root beer floats for $2. Fairly low cost with a minimal number of volunteers needed. Pick a hot day in a busy location, and watch the donations roll in!


$ Seed Drive: In the spring, canvas local gardeners and garden centres for donations of seeds, seedlings or bedding plants and host an afternoon of garden sales in the church yard.

Contact Us


Let us help! Call Jo Morris the CY2020 coordinator at 403-630-7382. You may also email cy [at] presbyterian [dot] ca for answers to all your CY2020 questions or inquiries.

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