Interfaith Conversation

Shaila Carter, Co-Chair of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, Jun 18, 2024.
(Photo credit: P. St. Jacques)

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation has issued a statement on behalf of over 60 signatory faith traditions and institutions, including The Presbyterian Church in Canada, to present a common public position adopted by Canada’s faith communities on combatting hate against and between our country’s religious communities.

The Statement, “Standing Together Against Hate Based on Religious Identity”, addresses:

  • the imperative for different faiths to work together to provide medical and humanitarian aid to victims of international conflicts;
  • the need to create safety and security for all places of worship;
  • a call for public authorities to protect people of all faiths from hate and violence.

Read the full statement here.
A clip from Parliamentary Press Gallery media launch on June 18, 2024 can be found on Facebook .

“Faith communities share a deep reverence for and commitment to the dignity of every human being and for the sacredness of humanity and creation. Hate ignores and undermines that dignity and sacredness, and has no place in Canada.”