Love Letter from the Archives

Rev. Dr. David G. McQueen
Catherine McQueen ca. 1920

In October 2017, the Presbyterian Archives received a generous gift from Mrs. Margaret McKinnon, the grand-daughter of the Rev. Dr. David G. McQueen (1854–1930) of Edmonton. The gift included two binders of 73 beautifully preserved handwritten letters that revealed a year-long courtship over many miles between Dr. McQueen and his future wife, Miss Catherine Robertson of Strabane, Ontario.

The Rev. McQueen served at First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, arriving in 1887 and remaining for 43 years. Dr. McQueen was the only person to serve twice as Moderator of the General Assembly—first in 1912 (Edmonton) and then in 1925 as Interim-Moderator (Toronto). Miss Robertson served as a missionary in Canada with the Women’s Missionary Society.

Upon an initial meeting in Ontario, David and Catherine’s exchanges date from September 1889 – September 1890. Through beautiful script containing poetry and prose, their growing love for one another is revealed as is their draw to western Canada and a mutual commitment to serve the church.

View the full online exhibit of Dr. D.G. McQueen at the Presbyterian Archives website.

McQueen Letter 1
McQueen Letter 2 - pg 1
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