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The Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a Christian newspaper that strives to unite Presbyterians from across the country through stories, reflections, interviews and articles, allowing us to share and develop our faith. The newspaper is informative, educational—and fun! It is distributed four times per year, free of charge.The goal of the newspaper is to further equip leaders, connect congregations and missions, facilitate communication and highlight denominational work—strengthening our denominational ties across the country.

The Connection is produced by the Life and Mission Agency and was first launched in March 2017, following the announcement of the closure of the Presbyterian Record.

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Issue 4, Winter 2017

The fourth issue of the Presbyterian Connection was sent out to all congregations and subscribers in early December.

In this issue:

  • A feature story on the Baumans, International Mission staff in Nepal
  • An update on diaconal ministries
  • The Reformation and the PCC
  • Building relationships in Ghana
  • An interview with the Rev. Dr. Dale Woods
  • Photos from congregations
  • News pieces, games and much more!

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Presbyterian Connection

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Presbyterian Connection

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Presbyterian Connection newspaper is free of charge. However, to help offset costs and ensure the publication continues, donations are gratefully accepted.


Distribution Schedule and Deadline

Presbyterian Connection newspaper will go out four times a year. Please bear with us as we fine-tune the distribution schedule and deadlines. Changes may be necessary.

Issue 1 – March

Distribution date:
First week of March
Deadline for all submissions:
January 25

Issue 2 – June

Distribution date:
First week of June
Deadline for all submissions:
April 25

Issue 3 – September

Distribution date:
First week of September
Deadline for all submissions:
July 25

Issue 4 – December

Distribution date:
First week of December
Deadline for all submissions:
October 25


Please send all submissions to Barb Summers in the Communications Office.

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