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Gifts of Change 2015-16 CoverBy giving a Gift of Change, you are making a difference in the lives of people in Canada and around the world. No matter what you choose to support, you can be sure your funds will be used effectively and efficiently to carry out life-changing programs.

It is important to note that:

  • actual costs of the examples may fluctuate depending on current and local market conditions
  • your gift will help our partners carry out the overall goals of the program.


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Image of arrow pointing downGifts of Change Catalogue 2015-16

Canadian Ministries header image

Offer Sanctuary and Hospitality to Refugees (CM31)
Ministries with Aboriginal Peoples (CM24)
Bringing Hope to Inner-City Children and Youth (CM38)
Give Hope to Vulnerable Women and Girls (CM40)
Support Congregational Ministry (CM41)

Donate to Canada Youth

International Ministries header image

Bring Hope to Prisoners (IMMA07)
Buy a Minister a Bike (IMBK01)
Empower Mayan Women – Guatemala (IMGU04)
Equip Christian leaders in the Middle East (IMME01)
Help Prisoners become Worship Leaders (IMKE02)
Give the Gift of a Future in Ukraine and Romania (IMEE01)
Help Build a Chapel – Taiwan (IMTA02)
Raise a Roof – Malawi (IMMA04)
Share the Gift of Music – Romania (IMRO02)
Support an HIV/AIDS Clinic – Malawi (IMMA08)
Train a Future Leader – Ghana (IMGH01)
Train Nurse Midwives – India (IMIN03)
Translate the Bible – Taiwan (IMTA01), Nigeria (IMNI04), Mauritius (IMMU01)

PWS&D header image

The Power of 50,000 (PWSBSL01)
Sunday School Challenge – Support a Savings Group (PWSSC05)
Make a Bigger Impact – Give Together!
Sowing the Seeds of Food Security (PWAGR01)
Fresh Water Renewal (PWH20)
Learning and Earning a Way Out of Poverty (PWESB01)
From Sickness to Strength (PWHEA01)
Responding to Emergencies (PWEMRG01)
A Classroom for Every Child (PWEDU01)
Support for Refugees (PWREF01)
Willing and Able (PWDIS01)

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