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Who should I speak to about…

Archives? Bob Anger, Presbyterian Archives, ext. 266
Financial services? Geeta Persaud-Mohammad, Financial Services, ext. 318
General Assembly? Maggie Leung, General Assembly Office, ext. 226
Grants? Jen De Combe, Canadian Ministries, ext. 290
Ordering resources? Parasource, 1-800-263-2664
Pension and Benefits? Carrie Macmillan, Pension and Benefits, ext. 230
Pulpit Vacancies? Jackie Czegledi, Ministry and Church Vocations, ext. 263

Adema, LeahProgram CoordinatorPresbyterian World Service & Developmentladema [at] presbyterian [dot] ca284
Allen, StephenAssociate SecretaryJustice Ministriessallen [at] presbyterian [dot] ca256
Alyea, SheilahMeeting Coordinator/ReceptionistFinance and Receptionsalyea [at] presbyterian [dot] ca246
Anger, BobAssistant ArchivistArchives and Records Managementbanger [at] presbyterian [dot] ca266
Arnold, KimArchivist/Records AdministratorArchives and Records Managementkarnold [at] presbyterian [dot] ca310
Ball, MichelleRefugee Program AssistantPresbyterian World Service & Developmentmball [at] presbyterian [dot] ca251
Bokma, KarenCommunications CoordinatorPresbyterian World Service & Developmentkbokma [at] presbyterian [dot] ca240
Braeuer, GaryRenewal Program CoordinatorCanadian Ministriesgbraeuer [at] presbyterian [dot] ca298
Brewer, LizProgram ManagerMinistry & Church Vocationslbrewer [at] presbyterian [dot] ca248
Chappell, HeatherProgram Coordinator, EducationStewardship and Planned Givinghchappell [at] presbyterian [dot] ca267
Collier, BillGeneral ManagerThe Presbyterian Church Building Corporationwcollier [at] presbyterian [dot] ca337
Czegledi, JackieRecords and ReferralsMinistry & Church Vocationsjczegledi [at] presbyterian [dot] ca263
de Combe, JenniferAssociate SecretaryCanadian Ministriesjdecombe [at] presbyterian [dot] ca290
Di Sera, DavidAdministrative AssistantPresbyterian World Service & Developmentddisera [at] presbyterian [dot] ca291
Erhardt, CarraghProgram Assistant, Healing and ReconciliationJustice Ministriescerhardt [at] presbyterian [dot] ca278
Foxall, MattMission Trip CoordinatorStewardship and Planned Givingmfoxall [at] presbyterian [dot] ca259
Goitom, BiniamRefugee Program AssistantPresbyterian World Service & Developmentbgoitom [at] presbyterian [dot] ca242
Goslinski, MathewFinance & Administration CoordinatorLife and Mission Agencymgoslinski [at] presbyterian [dot] ca247
Haas, JudySenior AdministratorPension and Benefitsjhaas [at] presbyterian [dot] ca287
Hamilton, Terrie-LeeSenior AdministratorGeneral Assembly Officethamilton [at] presbyterian [dot] ca225
Harris, DavidPublisher and EditorPresbyterian Recorddharris [at] presbyterian [dot] ca307
Hill, EmilyEducation Program CoordinatorCanadian Ministriesehill [at] presbyterian [dot] ca271
Hogg, FrancesSecretaryGeneral Assembly Officefhogg [at] presbyterian [dot] ca224
Kellington, DianaAccountantFinancial Servicesdkellington [at] presbyterian [dot] ca312
Kendall, StephenPrincipal ClerkGeneral Assembly Officeskendall [at] presbyterian [dot] ca227
Kim, IsabelleSenior Program CoordinatorPresbyterian World Service & Developmentikim [at] presbyterian [dot] ca288
Kim, SarahExecutive DirectorWomen's Missionary Societyskim [at] presbyterian [dot] ca321
Ko, LilyProgram CoordinatorInternational Ministrieslko [at] presbyterian [dot] ca254
Kortinen, Michelle Communications CoordinatorCommunicationsmkortinen [at] presbyterian [dot] ca330
Laurenson, JamesWeb CoordinatorCommunicationsjlaurenson [at] presbyterian [dot] ca268
Leader, DeborahCirculation ManagerPresbyterian Recorddleader [at] presbyterian [dot] ca308
Leung, MaggieAdministrative AssistantGeneral Assembly Officemleung [at] presbyterian [dot] ca226
Macmillan, CarrieCommunications CoordinatorPension and Benefitscmacmillan [at] presbyterian [dot] ca230
Maki, LianeHealth & Dental ClerkPension and Benefitslmaki [at] presbyterian [dot] ca233
Masterton, KatharineProgram CoordinatorJustice Ministrieskmasterton [at] presbyterian [dot] ca250
McCue, ColleenSenior AdministratorLife and Mission Agencycmccue [at] presbyterian [dot] ca228
McKeown, AlexisProgram Coordinator & MarketingWomen's Missionary Societyamckeown [at] presbyterian [dot] ca319
Meighan, JaniceDevelopment ManagerStewardship and Planned Givingjmeighan [at] presbyterian [dot] ca257
Muir, AnnaCommunications AssistantPresbyterian World Service & Developmentamuir [at] presbyterian [dot] ca293
Muir, DonDeputy ClerkGeneral Assembly Officedmuir [at] presbyterian [dot] ca223
Nawar, OmnyaFinance CoordinatorFinancial Servicesonawar [at] presbyterian [dot] ca314
Ng, OliverChief Financial Officer & TreasurerFinancial Servicesong [at] presbyterian [dot] ca316
Nugent, CarolAssistant Accountant/PayrollFinancial Servicescnugent [at] presbyterian [dot] ca315
Oke, NkwudaComputer Systems ManagerComputer Systemsnoke [at] presbyterian [dot] ca262
Panagiotopoulos, PattyAdministratorPension and Benefits Boardppanagiotopoulos [at] presbyterian [dot] ca229
Persaud-Mohammed, GeetaAccounts Payable ClerkFinancial ServicesGPersaud-Mohammed [at] presbyterian [dot] ca318
Plater, KarenAssociate Secretary, StewardshipStewardship and Planned Givingkplater [at] presbyterian [dot] ca272
Pottinger, KhalidAccounts Receivable ClerkFinancial Serviceskpottinger [at] presbyterian [dot] ca317
Rao, JuliaProgram CoordinatorPresbyterian World Service & Developmentjrao [at] presbyterian [dot] ca258
Ross-McDonald, IanGeneral SecretaryLife and Mission Agencyimcdonald [at] presbyterian [dot] ca289
Scheidt, MichaelGifts AdministratorStewardship and Planned Givingmscheidt [at] presbyterian [dot] ca239
Shaffer, SusanAssociate SecretaryMinistry & Church Vocationssshaffer [at] presbyterian [dot] ca264
Shropshire, RobProgram Coordinator, RefugeesPresbyterian World Service & Developmentrshropshire [at] presbyterian [dot] ca249
Smagghe, GuyDirectorPresbyterian World Service & Developmentgsmagghe [at] presbyterian [dot] ca244
Stirling, AlisonCoordinator, Finance and AdministrationPresbyterian World Service & Developmentastirling [at] presbyterian [dot] ca252
Summers, BarbAssociate SecretaryCommunicationsbsummers [at] presbyterian [dot] ca243
Vance, KevinMailroom AssistantDistribution Serviceskvance [at] presbyterian [dot] ca334
Veenstra, DianaSenior AdministratorFinancial Servicesdveenstra [at] presbyterian [dot] ca320
Walmsley, DianePrinter/Mailroom SupervisorDistribution Servicesdwalmsley [at] presbyterian [dot] ca331
Williams, GlynisAssociate SecretaryInternational Ministriesgwilliams [at] presbyterian [dot] ca255
Wood, ColleenGlad Tidings EditorWomen's Missionary Societycwood [at] presbyterian [dot] ca323