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Cyclone Freddy: Six Months Later

When Cyclone Freddy struck Malawi in March 2023, it provided a real-life example of nature’s fury, ranking high up among the strongest and longest-lasting storms ever documented in the southern hemisphere.  Freddy wreaked havoc on the lives of countless Malawians, causing significant disruptions to daily activities, washing away essential food crops and destroying critical infrastructure,

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Dry Spells: A Climate Change Issue that Stings

By Kennedy Ngalawesa, Project Assistant at Churches Action for Relief and Development (CARD), Malawi Balaka District, Malawi context     Malawi is situated in south-eastern Africa and the country’s geography creates specific climate zones throughout. In the North, temperatures are less extreme and the region generally enjoys more regular and plentiful rainfall. Conversely, the South is hotter

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One Year Later: Recovering from Tropical Storm Ana

The consequences of climate change can be seen everywhere. Many economically disadvantaged countries are especially vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis. Extreme weather events, including droughts, floods and rising sea levels, can have devastating impacts on already fragile food supplies, water sources, infrastructure and health. When most of southern Malawi’s Mulanje District was hit

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An Education for Aline

In Malawi’s Phalombe district, 14-year-old Aline lives with her parents and three siblings. When she was in grade nine, Aline began attending Neno Girls Secondary School, where PWS&D provides scholarship support for students in need. In part due to their own lack of education, Aline’s parents are only able to generate income through their small-scale subsistence

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