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God calls the church to seek justice in the world.

Identifying and acknowledging where there is injustice in the world – and working to change it – is part of the church’s public witness. As Christians, we properly use our voices to call on those in power to help shape the kind of world that allows all creation to flourish. 

Current Focus

Aid for Afghanistan

Between August 2021 and June 2023, PWS&D and other Canadian aid organizations, were unable to provide urgent humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. An estimated 28.3 million Afghans (two-thirds of the population) are in need of aid after three consecutive years of drought-like condition, crippling economic decline since the Taliban takeover, and decades of conflict and recurrent natural disasters. 

Over the past two years, and with your assistance, Canadian aid organizations have advocated for the removal of barriers that restricted the provision of aid. The passage of Bill C-41 in June 2023 has made it possible to restart vital humanitarian assistance work. 

Be a Voice for Global Hunger

Our current food system fails to meet the needs of most people or our planet.Since 2014, climate change, conflict and economic downturns have halted a decade-long decline in hunger. 

Our current food system both contributes to climate change and is threatened by its impacts. Without action on climate change, hunger is likely to rise even higher in years to come.

Take Action on Hunger