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Challenges Persist in Afghanistan

In the Kushkak village in Afghanistan, 42-year-old Guljan lived a simple life with her husband and their four children, including her daughter-in-law. In recent years, her husband grappled with debilitating leg pain, rendering him unable to work and placing the burden of financial support on Guljan and her sons. Despite facing economic hardships and managing […]

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Food Security Concerns in Afghanistan

An estimated 28.3 million Afghans (two-thirds of the population) need humanitarian assistance. The crisis is being driven by three consecutive years of drought-like conditions, crippling economic decline since the Taliban takeover in 2021, and decades of conflict and recurrent natural disasters.  As a result, Afghanistan is among the countries facing the highest levels of food

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Afghanistan Emergency Relief

On October 7, the province of Herat in western Afghanistan was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. A series of aftershocks followed. To date, the United Nations estimates that over 12,000 people have been affected. Both the number of affected households and casualties are expected to rise as assessments continue.  While initial assessments are underway,

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Aid for Afghanistan Coalition Statement

As we mark two years since the leadership change in Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis is widespread and the need for international support is desperately needed. Access to health care, food, water, sanitation, education, and other social and economic needs remain a challenge for people in Afghanistan. While local actors are working tirelessly to address these

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Aid for Afghanistan: Passage of Bill C-41 

The Aid for Afghanistan Coalition welcomes the adoption of Bill C-41 as a first step in enabling Canadian aid organizations to provide crucial humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and other similar contexts. This legislation is needed to give Canadian aid organizations a path forward to ensure those who are in need of assistance receive it, regardless of where

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Supporting Digital Learning for Afghan Refugees

Darakht-e Danesh means “knowledge tree” in Dari, one of the official languages of Afghanistan. This phrase is also the name of an online library that is being provided with support from PWS&D to help ensure Afghan refugees can continue their education. Afghans Displaced from their Homes Pakistan is the third largest refugee host country in

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