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Aid for Afghanistan Coalition Statement

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As we mark two years since the leadership change in Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis is widespread and the need for international support is desperately needed. Access to health care, food, water, sanitation, education, and other social and economic needs remain a challenge for people in Afghanistan. While local actors are working tirelessly to address these needs, Canadian organizations are keen to once again provide support for this work.  

The coalition is encouraged by the Government of Canada’s recent passage of Bill C-41. This is an important move forward and efforts are underway to restart vital work that provides assistance to the people in Afghanistan. As we turn our focus towards once again mobilizing our operations, we remain hopeful that Bill C-41 represents the first step of continued engagement and further progress between government and organizations to ensure there are no more unnecessary regulatory and bureaucratic barriers preventing aid from reaching those in need, regardless of where they live, and to advance an interpretation of relevant law and best practice that includes a broad range of humanitarian activities. 

 The Aid for Afghanistan Coalition wishes to thank all Canadians who demonstrated their support by contacting their elected officials in an effort to persuade the Government of Canada to limit barriers on Canadian aid organizations. The Aid for Afghanistan Coalition will continue to monitor the impact of Bill C41, persist in its advocacy for people living in Afghanistan and other complex environments, and work towards addressing humanitarian needs with our local colleagues and partners.  

To support PWS&D’s critical work in Afghanistan which includes the provision of humanitarian assistance, please click below. 

*Released August 15, 2023 on the second anniversary of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan 

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