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Gaza Response Amid Ongoing Conflict

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After over four months of war in Gaza, tens of thousands have been killed or injured and more than half a million people face catastrophic hunger. The most recent conflict in Rafah, where over a million people have sought refuge, has only complicated an already dire situation. 

Humanitarian efforts remain challenged by limited access and mobility, as well as the high cost of goods and the difficulties of getting them into Gaza. The ACT Alliance Palestine Forum continues to coordinate efforts to alleviate suffering on whatever fronts are possible. 

PWS&D has been responding through ACT Alliance member, DSPR (Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees) of the Middle East Council of Churches. Your generosity is helping enable ongoing work in Gaza. 

Through play-based and creative activities, mental health staff and volunteers are working to help provide psychological relief. Photo: Mahmod Elbaragethi/DSPR

To date, DSPR has provided: 

  • Primary health and dental care in their Rafah clinic. Services also include, pharmacy, mother and child health support and distribution of essential medicines, and hygiene and dignity kits. 

  • Cash transfers to more than 620 families to buy water, food and other essentials. 

  • Essential food support to approximately 800 people who sought refuge in local churches in Gaza. 

  • Psychosocial care to children and mothers. Through play-based and creative activities, mental health staff and volunteers are working to help provide psychological relief and restore some normalcy and hope for children. Parents are receiving training on how to support themselves and their children to relieve psychological and emotional stress. 

Ongoing conflict makes these activities incredibly challenging to carry out, but ACT Alliance members continues to do all they can. 

The need for assistance rises every day. Please click below to help support this essential work. 

Members of the ACT Alliance Canada forum, of which PWS&D is a member, has written to the Government of Canada to “take immediate steps to provide leadership in bringing an end to the suffering. We declare, ‘Enough is Enough!’  We welcome an opportunity to meet with you and other officials to work together to put this declaration into concrete actions. Download the letter here.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) stands in solidarity with all the people of the region, who are enduring the devastating consequences of continued violence and strife. With the church leaders in the area, the PCC condemns all acts that target civilians, regardless of nationality.

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