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Cyclone Idai: Three Months Later

by Anna Muir

Cyclone Idai—the devastating storm that hit south-eastern Africa over three months ago—may be the worst ever disaster to strike the southern hemisphere, according to the UN. When Cyclone Idai made landfall on March 14, houses and roads were submerged, and schools, crops and livelihoods destroyed. Cyclone Idai caused over 1,000 deaths and impacted almost three […]

Surviving a Cyclone that Took Everything

by Anna Muir

“You see that I’m just here, and this is what I have left. I don’t know what to do.” These are the desperate words of Amelia Tausene, 35, who lives with her three children Noel, 12, Gustavo, 7, and Luis, 2, in Buzi District, Mozambique. They are among the 1.5 million living in Mozambique whose […]

Rewarding Initiative in Mozambique

by Karen Bokma

Asuncion grew up in a community abundant with cattle before moving to Nacala ten years ago – a town where seafood and chicken are far more common. After realizing there was no butchery in the area, she decided to open her own and has become a very successful entrepreneur. She started out by purchasing a […]