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Responding to Tropical Storm Freddy

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For the second time in a month, Tropical Storm Freddy has ripped through Mozambique and Malawi. Heavy rains have triggered flooding in the southern district of Blantyre in Malawi. PWS&D has made an initial contribution to our partner in the area to assist in search and rescue efforts, as well as providing food items in evacuation camps. Additionally, funds will be used to enable assessment teams to determine the best possible response effort to the disaster.

Pray with us for those who have been affected by this storm.

All things look to you, O God,

to give them life and sustenance.

Look in mercy and kindness on all people,

and hear our prayer for those whose lives and livelihoods

are threatened by storms and floods.

Guide and bless the labour of people who give their talent and time to service those in need of any kind.

And let all enjoy the good gifts of your creation and life in peace.

With grateful hearts, we thank you for all your mercies and blessings.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray.


            From The Presbyterian Church in Canada website.

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