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An Education for Robina

by Karen Bokma

Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in a make-shift house in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Both of her parents are unemployed. Right now, Robina is the only member of her family in school—but it’s not just because of COVID-19. In Afghanistan, 62 percent of children don’t attend school. Poverty is one of the […]

Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Stephanie Chunoo

*As in Canada, schools in Afghanistan have been closed by government order having a significant impact on this program. PWS&D’s partner in Afghanistan, Community World Service Asia, is monitoring the situation and planning for next steps. Around the world, many countries are slowly but surely making progress on gender equality—Afghanistan is one of them. In […]

Youth Resource: School’s In

by Anna Muir

School’s In is a new educational resource to teach youth about the importance of universal education—a powerful tool for achieving sustainable development. The resource contains five lessons to engage youth (Grade 4+) about some of the barriers that prevent the over 250 million children around the world from receiving an education. Youth will learn about […]

Sunday School Challenge: Opening Classroom Doors

by Anna Muir

Education offers children a way out of poverty and the chance to build a brighter future. Unfortunately, about 264 million children and adolescents around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. Poverty, conflict, natural disasters and cultural barriers are just a few of the factors keeping girls and boys outside the […]

A Mother’s Perseverance Changes Attitudes Towards Girls Education

by Anna Muir

Zarmina felt frustrated by the deeply-held belief in her community that there is little need to educate women and girls. “Our community firmly believes that girls were born to stay within their home,” she explains. In Afghanistan, economic constraints and long distances to schools are just a few of the other factors keeping girls at […]

Quality Education Builds Girls’ Confidence

by Anna Muir

“Honestly, neither the students nor I were actually enjoying the lessons,” confesses Inayatullah, a third grade teacher at Zangue Girls School in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Each day at school, Inayatullah gave his lesson by lecturing or reading aloud. It wouldn’t be long before his students began to fidget and lose interest. As the school year progressed, […]

Teacher Training Delivers Shining Results in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

Many of us will have one or two schoolteachers who are especially memorable—whose guidance and dedication inspired us to find our passions and become the people we are today. For the Grade 3 class at a girls school in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, that teacher was Heena. Heena is warm, engaging and personable—but this wasn’t always the […]

Clean Schools Build Brighter Futures in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

For the vast majority of schools in Canada, chairs, desks and a place to go to the bathroom are things we take for granted. It’s a different story in a number of vulnerable Afghanistan communities. Among the many obstacles preventing children, especially girls, from getting an education is poor school infrastructure—inadequate classrooms and a lack […]

Making Learning Enjoyable in Afghanistan

by Karen Bokma

In many communities in Afghanistan, little value is placed on education and literacy for girls and women. In these communities, PWS&D is working with our local partners to increase the value placed on women and girls accessing education. Part of ensuring girls access education is making sure that girls who are currently attending school stay […]

Play Areas Benefit Learning in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

Shakira is your typical ten-year-old. After a long day at school, pouring over her reading and arithmetic, the thing she looks forward to the most is recess. Now that a brand new play area—complete with swings, seesaws and a slide—has been built outside her school in Afghanistan, Shakira has been more enthusiastic than ever about […]