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Canadian Government to Match Famine Relief Donations until June 30

by Karen Bokma

An unprecedented and devastating food crisis has gripped several countries across Africa. According to the World Food Programme, around 14 million people in southern African countries are in need of food assistance. Famine has been declared in South Sudan, where civil unrest has displaced large segments of the population and left five million people facing […]

With Relief and Joy, Families in Ethiopia Welcome Food Assistance

by Anna Muir

In recent months, Meserete Jima and her husband have been consumed with worry, trying to figure out what they would scrounge together to feed their two children. In the wake of severe drought caused by the El Niño weather event, large swaths of land surrounding their community in Dugda, Ethiopia have been stripped of life. […]

Food Rations Give Hope in Ethiopia

by Karen Bokma

Fitalle Boru has nothing left. “I have sold all my chickens, sheep and goats to buy grain from the market. Now everything is gone and I’m left with empty hands.” In the past, Fitalle and her husband would support their family by farming their quarter hectare of farmland. Since it wasn’t enough for their family […]

PWS&D Responds to Drought in Africa

by Karen Bokma

Severe drought caused by one of the most powerful El Niño events in recent history is wreaking havoc on farmers and their families across Africa and the world. Millions of people are affected by the drought and in need of food assistance. The food security situation is rapidly deteriorating, as low rainfall negatively impacts maize […]