Annual Resources

Use PWS&D’s annual resources to engage and educate your congregation. This year’s annual resources recognize how Presbyterians and PWS&D Respond Together to God’s call to serve those in need.

Worship Resources

PWS&D has a variety of different worship resources perfect for any PWS&D-themed service or a service addressing issues of poverty, hunger and HIV and AIDS. Worship resources include full worship services, liturgies and bulletin inserts.

Advocacy and Educational Resources

Advocacy and Educational resources help raise awareness about development, poverty and justice issues and encourage Presbyterians to advocate on behalf of those in need. Resources include World Food Day and the Recipe for Ending Global Hunger.

Youth and Children's Resources

Engaging youth and children in issues of development and relief is important. PWS&D has resources like Super Friends! and the Sunday School Challenge to help engage youth and kids in fun and interesting ways.

Display and Presentation Materials

Help spread the news of how Presbyterians are working to serve marginalized and vulnerable people. Display and presentation materials including PowerPoint presentations, informative videos, retractable banners and photo displays.