No one is a refugee by choice. Refugees and internally displaced people are forced to flee their homes out of fear for their lives and liberty. Many live in crowded camps, waiting for peace and an opportunity to return home. Some can return after a few weeks while other spend their entire lives hoping for the chance to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Who is a Refugee?
International law defines refugees as people who are unable or unwilling to return to their countries because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or because they belong to a particular social group. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports there are 51.2 million refugees and displaced people around the world. What international law does not describe is the sheer courage and hope characterizing most refugees, wherever they are.
Providing Support for Refugees Overseas
The refugee ministry of PWS&D is a response to Christ’s call to serve and defend those who are vulnerable and persecuted. Arriving at a makeshift camp can be a very daunting experience. PWS&D supports displaced people living in refugee camps through the provision of food, clean water, shelter, education, income-generating opportunities and emotional support.

PWS&D helps to supply emergency kits containing critical items such as clothing, cooking pots, blankets, shelter materials and mosquito nets. Emergency food packages contain items such as wheat flour, cooking oil, baby food and fortified biscuits. When a situation stabilizes and refugees are able to return home, PWS&D partners work to rebuild lives by providing housing, education, seeds and tools, and clean water wells.

Refugee Sponsorship

The Presbyterian Church in Canada is an official Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This enables Presbyterian congregations to sponsor refugees to resettle in Canada. PWS&D advocates for refugees through a number of Canadian refugee advocacy groups, including the Canadian Council for Refugees.

For the most up to date information, please join the PCC Refugee Sponsorship Facebook page.

For more information or if your church is interested in sponsoring a refugee, contact the office by e-mail or phone (416-441-1111 or 800-619-7301 x251).

Information on the PCC's refugee sponsorship program and how you can be involved

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Learn more about responding to refugees through the Blended VOR program.

Visit the Blended Visa Office Referred page.

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Additional Resources

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Detailed information about sponsorship can be found in the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program’s Handbook for Sponsoring Groups (see especially chapters 7 and 8).

Educational Resources

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Your Gifts Make a Difference!

Through your generous support, refugees are finding hope and the help they need to rebuild their lives with dignity. Make a donation today!