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In Guatemala, Amalia Leads the Way

Guatemala, Impact Stories

Amalia López Pérez de Coronado is a mother of three who lives in Guatemala. In Tuixoquel Aldea Tuilelén, the rural community Amalia calls home, women face many stereotypes that limit their opportunities to lead full, abundant lives.

After participating in a PWS&D-supported program, Amalia is trying to change the narrative for herself, her peers and the next generation.

“[One of the] main reasons why a woman does not feel able to be part of an organization in the community is due to the lack of opportunities for training. Also, because we are from the rural area, there are many stereotypes, for example that we are not worthy or do not have the capacity to exercise any [leadership] position.”

After participating in PWS&D-supported workshops, Amalia López Pérez de Coronado is taking a leadership role in her community.

For over half a decade, Amalia has been part of a PWS&D-supported program implemented by partner AMMID. She shares, “Six years ago, we formed a group of women in this area to carry out different activities together with the Maya-Mam Association of Research and Development (AMMID).” In this group, discussions take place with both men and women about oppression, marginalization and gender-based violence. Workshops promote women’s empowerment by raising awareness about their rights and by promoting inclusion in decision-making structures at the community and municipal levels.

Now, Amalia has a leadership role in her community. “I have achieved significant changes in my personal life, because I currently participate in different organizations such as the Municipal Organization of Women (WMO). I am a member of the council of parents in the local school, as well as a health watchman in the community.”

“I am grateful to AMMID for supporting women and above all for taking the initiative to sensitize men as well. We are achieving significant changes in our families. I cannot say that everything has changed, but for my part I am beginning to take the first steps in demonstrating to other women that we can hold positions in any organization. “

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