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Ukraine Conflict

Current Responses

Since Russia invaded Ukraine and the war began, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and require urgent humanitarian assistance.

PWS&D, through the ACT Alliance, is providing support to Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA)—assisting those displaced within Ukraine, as well as those who had fled to surrounding countries. People are receiving food and shelter support, as well as cash assistance and emergency mental health and psychological care.

Additionally, PWS&D is providing food assistance in the form of cash transfers to families in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, through Canadian Foodgrains Bank member ADRA Canada, allowing donations to be matched 4:1. With priority given to the most vulnerable households, including women and single-headed households, children at risk, and gender-based violence survivors, families are able to use cash assistance to purchase food and other essential items.

PWS&D also initiated support to farmers through the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia. Farmers will receive fertilizer which will enable them to grow crops this coming year. This collaboration is possible with the organizing support of former PCC mission staff, David Pandy-Szekeres.

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