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Update: Gaza Response 

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Persistent Israeli airstrikes over Gaza have demolished buildings, left tens of thousands of casualties and given rise to a staggering number of displaced individuals. 

In the midst of so much loss, through the ACT Alliance, PWS&D is supporting the Middle East Council of Churches’ Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR). DSPR continues to stand witness to the devastation and mourn the destruction. Tragically, one dedicated DSPR staff member and her family were also lost to the violence.

Yet, despite the challenges, the dedicated staff members of DSPR continue to respond to the urgent needs of the people in Gaza.

The constant explosions, accompanied by the distressing scenes of injury and death, have the potential to prompt lasting trauma. In the south of the Gaza Strip, DSPR staff are working with forcibly displaced people to reduce these experiences by providing psychosocial interventions. Additionally, staff members are delivering psychological first-aid training, equipping individuals with essential tools to provide assistance and alleviate panic during emergencies. 

Though most of DSPR’s clinics have been bombed to the ground, individuals in need of primary healthcare services can access support offered by the DSPR-NECC Rafah Clinic. Photo: Mahmod Elbaragethi/DSPR

Since access to water has been limited, hygiene kits are being distributed to aid cleanliness, curb the spread of communicable diseases and ensure vital resources reach those in need. Furthermore, cash distributions to households are providing direct financial assistance to eligible individuals. 

Fortunately, individuals in dire need of primary health care services—including access to vital medications—are still able to receive support through the DSPR-NECC Rafah Clinic, ensuring that essential health services remain within reach during these challenging times.

Those who have sought shelter in two churches are also receiving necessary support, such as food and some basic supplies. 

Overwhelming Need

While the glimmer of hope provided by DSPR in Gaza is significant, the need for support remains critical. The ongoing war continues to inflict extensive damage to human life, infrastructure and homes, depriving communities of essentials such as water, medical supplies and food.  

Your support has already made so much possible, but the needs grow with each passing day.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) stands in solidarity with all the people of the region, who are enduring the devastating consequences of continued violence and strife. With the church leaders in the area, the PCC condemns all acts that target civilians, regardless of nationality

Banner Photo: Mahmod Elbaragethi/DSPR

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