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FALL 2020
For many years, St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, Ont., has been supporting deployed soldiers of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa with care packages. Pictured with their care packages are five soldiers who were deployed to a base in Western Ontario to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Bramalea, Ont., held their first online worship service on March 22. The congregation has continued to meet online on Sunday mornings ever since and will likely continue until at least September. Online meetings allowed the congregation to have a Maundy Thursday communion service, Good Friday reflective family gathering and Easter Sunday celebration, while sheltering at home. The Rev. Barbara Molengraaf also hosts weekly online get-togethers, including “Pastor’s Chat,” “Wacky Wednesday” for children, and “Fun Friday.” While COVID-19 has cancelled many events, it has not cancelled God’s goodness. Rest in that, rejoice in that, and be so very reassured!
     Glenview Presbyterian Church in Toronto, Ont., has added Holy Humour Sunday to their worship calendar on the first Sunday after Easter. On the first Holy Humour Sunday, two comedians, the Rev. Dr. Jim Czegledi and the Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe, led worship and a Lunch and Learn after the service.
The Session at Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church in Scarborough, Ont., on behalf of the congregation, made and built “The Little Blessings Box” for the community to access outside the church while the local Bluffs Food Bank was closed. Fallingbrook is one of the founding partners of the Food Bank, and wanted to continue reaching out to those in need. The box has been quite a busy spot and will remain available long after COVID-19 is a distant memory! The signs inside read: “Take what you need! Leave what you can!” and “A simple action that is making a difference in our small corner of God’s world.” Pictured above is the Blessing Box as it was filled one day. Pictured right (left to right) are Siegi and Lynn Kaminski, Hilda Shaffelburg, and Liz and Jim Stark.

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