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FALL 2020
   Will We CY Again?
questions, conversations, surveys, etc. Input and feedback will be sought through a variety of formats.
When do we start? Right now!
You can share your creative thoughts, your big ideas, your dar- ing dreams for future CY events now. If you are a youth, parent, leader, young adult, lay person, clergy, elder, faith former or com- mittee member, we would be excited to hear from you.
Here are a few questions that may get your creative juices flowing. Should we? Could we? Would we?
• Offer online options in the up- coming fall and winter (Topics to include: ________)?
• Consider a travelling CY road show designed with regional leadership?
• Rotate the usual CY tracks (Youth, Discipleship, Leader- ship) through one site, at differ- ent times?
• Host webinars or panel conver- sations with CY keynote speak- ers (I would love to hear and learn from _____________)?
• Or...
Please submit your thoughts,
ideas or questions to cy@presby-
The CY planners will post infor- mation as it is available. It will be ex- citing and so helpful to receive your concepts and reflections. Thank you for sharing in the work of this vibrant ministry.
 By Jo Morris, CY Coordinator
Planning for events of any kind is fraught with challenges at the best of times, but during a global pan- demic those challenges rise to a new extraordinary level.
Canada Youth 2020 was can- celled.
In March, when the decision was made, the language was gentler than “cancel.” We talked about us- ing postponed, delayed, resched- uled...those gentler words are often preferred. But the reality was not gentle. July 6–11, 2020, came and went, and hundreds of enthusiastic Presbyterians were not gathered together at Brock University, as had been the recent biennial habit. And the reality of that made CY2020’s theme, “No End in Sight” all the
more stark.
When there is No End in Sight...
how do we plan? How do we imag- ine and re-vision for CY events when the landscape is constantly chang- ing? When what we understand to- day may not be what we understand in a month, or a year from now? It is a daunting task, but there are some basics that will help the planning process.
1. The spirit of CY continues whether we’re together or not. So, it is important to remain grounded in that vibrant spirit of community and connection.
2. Assign the correct gifts and talents to the correct task. Currently, there are two groups that are already on the CY task. A small working group of medical and health profes- sionals, all of whom have par tici-
Various activities at Canada Youth 2018.
pated in leadership at CY events, is assembling COVID-19 information from regional health jurisdictions across Canada. This group will ad- vise the CY planners regarding all health and safety precautions that
will need to be addressed for any kind of CY gathering. The welfare and safety of the CY community is the top priority.
CY also has an advisory team that is prayer fully considering what may be possible for CY programming in the future. These are leaders who have diverse CY experiences and reflect the unique variety of our de- nomination.
As the CY vision unfolds, ad- ditional people will be brought on board to put ideas in motion and plans in place.
3. Disruption does not need to be understood as a negative. Disrup- tion may lead to innovation and open up new oppor tunities that were not thought possible. No two CY events have been exactly the same—some- times that was planned. Other times it was because of circumstances beyond our control—the Ontario power blackout and SARS outbreak certainly affected CY2003.
4. A willingness to be daring in our thinking and responsive in our planning. The pandemic has radical- ly changed our faith communities. To understand this well, the plan- ners will need to listen attentively and then design programming that creatively responds to the needs that are expressed.
5. Communication is key! To lis- ten well, CY planners will encour- age audience participation through
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