Page 6 - Gifts of Change 2023-2024
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Empowered to Prosper | PWHR01
PWS&D works to build sustainable livelihoods by ensuring families can meet their basic needs and advocate for their rights. Your gifts will help address injustice, build self-reliance through skills training, and promote equal opportunity for all.
$55 helps
a woman artisan develop her skills and learn how to market her goods
$100 buys a sewing machine for a marginalized young person
$275 trains
a young person in mechanics, carpentry or tailoring
 Education for Every Child | PWEDU01
Education is one of the most crucial tools in breaking cycles of poverty, but over 244 million children don’t have the opportunity to go to school. By opening classroom doors and providing educational supplies, your gifts will help children reach their full potential.
$25provides a $70ensures child with textbooks one student has
school supplies
$375helps send a student to school for one year
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