Page 5 - Gifts of Change 2023-2024
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Sowing the Seeds of Food Security | PWAGR01
Subsistence farmers in developing countries work hard on small plots of land to provide food for their families. You can help farmers learn to improve crops, conserve resources and sell their goods—providing food for today and an income for the future.
$20supplies seeds and organic fertilizer to a farmer
$50trains a farmer in sustainable farming practices
$100provides one goat for dairy production
 From Sickness to Strength | PWHEA01
Preventable illnesses and inadequate access to primary health care impact many in the Global South. Your gifts bring medical care and supplies to remote villages and tackle disease and malnourishment for those most affected.
$20 provides self-care training
to a patient affected by leprosy
$40 trains
a health-care worker in maternal and child health
$60 provides supplementary
food for an undernourished child
 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene | PWH2O01
Help a community access clean, safe drinking water, and appropriate sanitation and hygiene support to improve health, enhance quality of life and achieve lasting change.
$45 helps provide water and sanitation services in disaster situations
$80 provides menstrual products and education for primary school girls
$200 provides one household with a water treatment system | 5

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