Page 2 - Gifts of Change 2023-2024
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 All of the items in Gifts of Change are part of the bigger story of hope that is unfolding around the world through The Presbyterian Church in Canada and our partners.
Please note:
• Yourgiftwillhelpourpartnerscarryouttheoverallgoalsoftheprogram
• Actualcostsmayvarydependingoncurrentandlocalmarketconditions
• Ifgiftsreceivedexceedprojectrequirements,orifprogramsorcircumstances
change, donations will be directed to programs with a similar intent or location
Thank you for giving a gift that will change lives —both here in Canada and around the world.
 This Gifts of Change booklet contains just some of the projects you can support. A complete list of projects can be found online at

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