We have no higher calling than to offer the worship that belongs to God day by day…
(Living Faith, 7.3.1)

Lectionary Resources

Sunday Worship Planners for 2021

These comprehensive worship planners include scripture readings, music, call to worship, prayers, a reflection and Mission Moment.

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Has your church returned to worshipping in person or plans to in the near future? Sessions can consult our Resource on Re-Opening Church Buildings for guidance on how to carefully develop and implement re-opening plans that are appropriately tailored to the unique context and texture of each congregation and its ministries.
Download Session Resource on Re-Opening Church Buildings

Book of Common Worship

Some portions of The Book of Common Worship as published in 1991 are not available on the website because of copyright. Some of the material from The Book of Common Worship that is available on this webpage has been corrected or edited for consistency or to reflect decisions made by The Presbyterian Church since The Book of Common Worship was originally published.



Sacrament of Baptism

Sacrament of Holy Communion

A Litany for the Commissioning of a Search Committee
Dedication of Bibles for the Pews
Dedication of Gifts to the Church
Ecumenical Prayers
General act of dedication
Prayer at a Time of Violence
Prayers For the Dying
Prayer for Refugees
Prayer for Teachers in the Church
Prayer for Those Who Are Unemployed
Prayers in Times of Disaster
Prayer in Times of Election
Prayers in Times of War
Praying with and for People of Other Faiths
Service of Dedication for New Hymnbooks
The Board of Managers – A Liturgy of Installation

Presbyterians Sharing Sunday

2021 Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Resource – PDF
2021 Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Resource – Text Only

2019 PS Sunday Worship Photos

Legacy Giving Sunday

Legacy Giving Sunday 2021 Worship Resource (PDF)
Legacy Giving Sunday 2021 Worship Resource (Text)

Stewardship Sunday

Spreading Hope, Stewardship Worship Resource

PWS&D Sunday

WMS Mission Awareness Sunday

Intergenerational Worship Resource for Earth Day

God's Good Old Earth
How Materials Decompose Chart

Resources for Presbyterian History/Heritage Sunday (2012)

Resources for Heritage Sunday, 2012
YouTube IconWorship service by Indigenous ministry leaders
A Time for Hope – Liturgical Resource (2016)
A Time for Hope Accompanying Images (PowerPoint Slides) for TRC Sermon
We Are One in the Spirit
Le mariage chrétien
Le sacrement du baptême
Funérailles Chrétiennes
Living Faith – 7.4 Preaching
Lent 1 Sermon – Mark 1
Lent 2 Sermon – Mark 8
Lent 3 Sermon – Exodus 10
Lent 4 Sermon – Ephesians 2
Lent 5 Sermon – Jeremiah 31
Advent 1 Sermon – December 3, 2017
Advent 2 Sermon – December 10, 2017
Advent 3 Sermon – December 17, 2017
Advent 4 Sermon – December 24, 2017
Unity Within the Church
To Preach the Good News: A Handbook about Preaching for Presbyterians in Canada
Daily Discipleship Practices





Click here to access resources for Lent, Holy Week & Easter

Mission Awareness Sunday: April 26, 2020

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) Mission Awareness Sunday Resources

View Women’s Missionary Society Resources

Atlantic Mission Society (AMS) Mission Awareness Sunday Resources

Visit the Atlantic Mission Society web page

Pentecost/Christian Family/Trinity Sunday

Harvest/Remembrance/All Saints/Christ the King Sunday

Remembrance Day

World Communion Sunday


Prayer Partnership

Engaging in God’s mission through word and action

Join in prayer with people across the country and celebrate the mission and ministry we are doing together in Canada and around the world using the daily prayers, weekly Mission Moments and monthly Social Action Spotlights featured in the Prayer Partnership.

  • Daily prayers are submitted by congregations, committees, presbyteries and PCC staff.
  • Sunday Mission Moments highlight the ministry that we are doing together through Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development.
  • Monthly Social Action Spotlights provide ideas for congregations and individuals to call for justice through prayer, conversation, education and raising awareness.

Download the different resource formats below and use them online, during worship and Bible studies, and in church bulletins, newsletters, slide shows and more.


Prayer Partnership (Oct – Dec 2021): PDF
Prayer Partnership (Oct – Dec 2021): Text Only


Daily Prayer (Oct – Dec 2021) PowerPoint
Mission Moments (Oct – Dec 2021) PowerPoint


Mission Moments photos

Hymn Resources

Legality of Copying the Book of Praise
Book of Praise Hymns in the Public Domain
Music Copyright in Online Worship
Image of arrow pointing downHymn Database Search Page
Songs for Worship
Best Practices for Online Worship
Whether it is done in person or online, worship is central to who we are as congregations and a denomination. This resource contains best practices for congregations experienced with worshipping virtually as well as for those just getting started.
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Fostering Engagement and Connection in Online Church Gatherings
A resource about digital engagement in the context of Christian ministry to help congregations not only meet online but also to connect, build relationships, grow as disciples, discern together and creatively engage with the many different aspects of faith.
View PDF | Download

Introduction to Live Streaming for Churches
There are two good reasons to consider live streaming your church services. The first is to accommodate congregants who are unable to attend worship. The second reason is to reach new worshippers. In this connected age, a live stream is a great way of showing people what to expect in worship before coming to your church for the first time.
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Leading with Care Online: Working with Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults
A resource about how to apply The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Leading with Care policy to an online setting to ensure the safety and well-being of children, youth and vulnerable adults when using online media and forums for congregational meetings and activities.
View PDF | Download

Providing Communion Using Technology
This resource provides clarification and guidance on the process and practice of communion via virtual media and technology.
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Calling a Minister When In-Person Meetings and Public Worship is Not Possible
This resource outlines the principles and procedures for discerning a Call in times when the usual in-person meetings and worship services involved in the search for, calling and inducting a minister are not possible.
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Congregational Meetings During a Pandemic
This resource contains ideas to consider for your congregation’s Annual General Meeting or other congregational meetings if your congregation cannot hold in-person meetings.
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Death, Grief and Funerals in a Time of Social Distancing
This resource addresses the pastoral issue of how to minister to grieving families in times when in-person gatherings and gestures of comfort are not possible.
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Suggestions to Enhance Zoom Meeting Experience
Zoom is one of the most commonly used platforms for video conferencing and webinars. Familiarity with the features of this platform is essential for hosting and participating in effective meetings online. This resource provides guidance to help facilitate smooth and secure online meetings via Zoom.
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Ways Churches Can Offer Connection and Care During Social Distancing
This resource contains creative and helpful ideas for offering connection and support through online communication, traditional communication, innovative communication and general community care.
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A Guidebook for Congregations Looking to Connect with Neighbours
The United & Presbyterian Campus Ministry team that serves three post-secondary institutions in Calgary shares best practices that can be applied by congregations wanting to connect more fully with people and communities outside of the church.
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Joining the Joyful Feast: From Food Ministry to Worship
People are hungry for deep conversations and meaningful relationships. Whether a congregation is feeling called to start a dinner church or to strengthen an existing ministry, it is important to prioritize relationship-building and truly celebrate the loving bonds that Christ makes possible for us to have with each other. In this resource, you will find tools that can be used to foster strong and genuine relationships in your ministry.
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Opening Your Doors to People with Diverse Abilities
In this resource, Dr. Michael Walker from Our Doors Are Open explores ways congregations can welcome people with disabilities into their places of worship.
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Ways for Churches to Create Partnerships in Their Local Communities
God is already powerfully at work in the community, and your church was put there for a reason. This resource contains tips for how your church can build relationships and create partnerships with other organizations and people doing God’s work in your community.
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Ways to Be a Caring Church Community
Pastoral care is one of the most powerful ways we can demonstrate the love of God to one another. It must not be left to the minister and elders alone; God calls all of us to love each other. How well we care for each other will influence how well we care for our neighbours. This resource will help you build or strengthen the culture of caring in your church.
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Ways to Be a Church that Visitors Will Want to Call Home
Being a church that visitors will want to return to is about being like Jesus. The tips in this resource, modelled on Jesus’ way of welcoming others, will help your church be the kind of place that people will want to call home.
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Ways to Be a Great Church Greeter
Greeters are a vital part of a church’s ministry by ensuring that all who enter receive a warm greeting, the information they need to feel comfortable, and a friendly connection they can rely on before and after the service. As you strive to be the greeter that others remember as having warmly welcomed them into the church, this resource contains some important things to keep in mind.
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Can I Get a Witness?
The Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart shares a reflection about inviting others to come and see the joy that is found in a life of faith.
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Peacemaking in Times of Chaos
The realities of our collective issues, such as social conflict, political violence and environmental destruction, combined with personal struggles leads many people to believe that chaos rules life. This resource offers ideas and tools for exploring how to be peacemakers in times of chaos.
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Sharing Your Faith: A Congregational Workshop Guide
In October 2017, five congregational leaders from across the country gathered to learn more about evangelism and begin crafting the first stages of projects to take back to their congregations. This meeting was the first step towards developing a network that will support a culture of evangelism in the PCC. This resource brings together key learnings from this training and provides practical exercises in the form of a workshop that can be used as a springboard for your own congregation’s evangelism initiatives.
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Foundational Documents

한국어 번역자료 Korean Translations and Resources

Additional Materials

Image of arrow pointing downThe Spirit Prays Within Us: Prayer Workbook for Ruling Elders
A Catechism for Today
Image of arrow pointing downHow to Pray in Your Own Way – Leader’s Guide
Image of arrow pointing downHow to Pray in
Your Own Way – Participant’s Workbook
Worship in Long-Term Care Settings

Worship and Special Occasion Bulletins

PCC Sunday worship bulletin covers are available for each Sunday.

Special occasion bulletins are also available for baptisms, ordinations and funerals.

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Bulletin Covers: First Sunday in Advent to Reign of Christ Sunday (2019–20)
Special Occasion Bulletin Covers
2017 Sunday Worship Bulletin Cover

Worship and Liturgy Fund

Grant to assist people committed to improving skills as worship leaders


The Presbyterian Church in Canada is a denominational partner with Evangelism Connections, an ecumenical group of Christians who strive to frame evangelism, hospitality and church vitality in a 21st-century context and provide shared resources. Visit their website for articles, program ideas and worship resources.

Mission Moments

Highlights the mission and ministry that we are doing together in Canada and around the world.

Photo slides to inspire and learn.

Resource combining Mission Capsules with PWS&D Bulletin Bits.

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Stewardship Moments

Get your congregation thinking about how they can use the gifts God has given them to fully participate in God’s mission.

Quotes for use with your congregations.

Get legal rights from photographers for photos taken in your cong.

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Presbyterians Sharing
Print Resources

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Audiovisual Worship Resources

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