Toronto Formosan Presbyterian Church Special Sunday School ProjectToronto Formosan Presbyterian Church
Special Sunday School Project


Sowing the Seeds of Food Security

Subsistence farmers in developing countries work hard to provide food for their families while growing crops on small plots of land with nutrient poor soil. You can help farmers learn to improve their crops, conserve resources and sell their goods—providing food for today and an income for the future.


$5 向農民供應種子 (Supplies seeds to a farmer)
$40 指導一個家庭烹飪和營養 (Instructs a family on cooking and nutrition)
$70 為社區提供家畜疫苗 (Provides a community with livestock vaccines)
$75 為社區花園中心提供果樹和本地植物 (Provides fruit trees and native plants to community garden centres)
$140 進行無線電廣播,培訓偏遠社區的農民 (Produces a radio broadcast to train farmers in remote communities)

If making a donation by cheque, please indicate PER-TFPC-ET125 in the memo line.
如果您用支票奉獻,請在支票左下方註明: PER-TFPC-ET125

Canadian tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.