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Stewards By Design 2019 Conference

Dates: Thursday, May 2 (5 pm) to Sunday, May 5 (1 pm), 2019
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kennon Callahan
Location: YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, Orillia, ON

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Stewards by Design is a conference designed to help congregations discover how to nurture generous giving and expand their ministry. Participants explore how stewardship is not just a financial matter but is a spiritual matter concerned with all aspects of life. The team will begin to develop a plan designed for their unique congregation as they learn how to:

  • Encourage people to invest more generously in the mission to which God calls us
  • Move from budget-driven to mission-driven congregation
  • Move beyond a survival mentality that focuses on conserving, holding, protecting and preserving and discover ways to nurture faithful giving and abundant living
  • Unlock the twelve keys to an effective church
  • Make generous giving an ongoing, joyful congregational experience.

For more information on the 2019 Stewards by Design Conference, please email stewardsbydesign [at] presbyterian [dot] ca or call 1-800-619-7301