“Money Matters” is a three-part webinar series with each part being led by a different facilitator and consisting of multiple sessions designed for clergy and lay leaders in programs/ministry and finances to explore ways of building financially sustainable ministries. The webinar series runs for a course of nine weeks, and each session in the series takes place on Thursday from 1:30–2:30 p.m. (Eastern).

Series Overview

Part I – The Role of Vision (Session dates: March 9, March 16 and March 23)

Facilitator: Jen de Combe, Associate Secretary for Canadian Ministries

Discover how to discern and articulate your ministry’s vision and mission and the role that plays in drawing gifts and grants which will fund your dreams. Building on real experiences, Jen de Combe will share ways congregations and other ministries have focused and framed their vision so that it defines everything they do, and then share the excitement of that vision so that it draws gifts and grants.

Part II – Building Your Team (Session dates: April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18)

Facilitator: The Rev. Jeya So, Minister at Anchor & Hope Church—a PCUSA third culture, multigenerational, inclusive church called to bless and serve the city of San Diego and the world.

Raising funds is ministry and can be shared and led by a team of people, even in small congregations. Sharing from her experiences, the Rev. Jeya So will share how her congregation built a team to lead the congregation in raising money to support ministry and provide practical ways for the responsibilities of raising funds to be shared by a number of people.

Part III – Tools You Can Use (Session dates: June 15)

Facilitator: Karen Plater, Associate Secretary for Stewardship & Planned Giving

Discover tools you can use to nurture a culture of generosity in your congregation and to make giving as easy as possible. Using practical examples, Karen will explore how stewardship is a vital part of discipleship, the ways that congregations can become comfortable talking about money, the different vehicles that can make it easy for people to give and how tax credits can help donors give more than they think.

Part IV – Facilities and Grounds as a Missional Resource (Session dates: June 22)

Facilitator: Jim MacDonald, Development Manager, Stewardship & Planned Giving, with special guest, The Rev. Kirk Summers

Caring for facilities and grounds is a component of both stewardship and evangelism. Your church, camp and specialized cites facilities and grounds are missional resources integral to positively fulling your context’s calling. Our guest for this webinar, The Rev. Kirk Summers of Trinity Presbyterian Church York Mills, Ont., will contribute to a lively time of sharing theology and practice around facilities and grounds, and the people called to care for them. This webinar will be an informative and inspiring time to touch on infrastructure maintenance, renovation, renewal, management, I.T. security, and overall operational oversight such that facilities and grounds are positioned as best possible to be a blessing and not a burden.