Final Issue of PCPak

The year 2020 has brought many challenges and opportunities for congregations across the country. One of the resources affected by changing circumstances is the PCPak collection of educational and informational resources.

For many years, the PCPak mailings have contained material from committees of General Assembly, the theological colleges and the denomination’s offices to equip and inform the church. One of the realities of COVID-19 is that people are not using mail in the same way as they used to, and the printing industry has changed over the years as electronic methods have dominated.

Other changes have contributed to a significant shift in the way resources are distributed. For example, the popular Presbyterian Connection newspaper is mailed to all congregations and ministries four times a year and now contains resources such as the Gifts of Change giving catalogue, the Prayer Partnership and Mission Moments calendar, and valuable Equipping for… materials—items which used to be distributed exclusively through the PCPak. Nearly 18,000 copies of each issue of the newspaper are distributed to congregations, ministries and individuals, ensuring that information and resources are reaching more people than ever before.

In light of these changes, the decision has been made to end the distribution of PCPak and instead distribute materials via other mediums, such as the website, e-news and the newspaper.

If you have information to share with Presbyterians across the country, the Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a valuable and effective tool for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, celebrating our accomplishments and learning from one another.

Final Edition – Fall 2020

The final issue of PCPak was not mailed out and is only available electronically. Click on any of the resources listed below to download.

Daily Prayer & Mission Moment Calendar (October 2020 – January 2021)

The Prayer Partnership resource has been combined with Mission Moments into the Daily Prayer & Mission Moment Calendar—a new format providing ministry and mission highlights, and daily prayers all in one resource.

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Equipping For…

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Churches
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See all past and current issues of Equipping For… resources.

Other Contents

  • 2021 PCC Wall Calendar Bulletin Insert
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  • Presbyterians Read Advent 2020 Book Study
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  • Presbyterian History Newsletter – Spring & Fall 2020 Issue
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  • Canadian Society of Presbyterian History Online Conference
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