PCPak is a collection of educational and informational resources distributed three times per year (see Print Schedule) to those directly connected to The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Each PCPak contains material from the various departments at the national office to educate, equip and inform the constituency.

The next edition will be distributed in April 2020.

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Current Edition –  Winter 2020

The latest issue of PCPak was mailed to congregations to arrive in January, 2020. Listed here are the contents that are available as electronic versions to download or the link to the location of the resource on our website.

Equipping For…

How to Engage Active Kids in Sunday School
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Ways to Incorporate the Artistic Gifts of the Congregation into Worship
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Ways to Create Vibrant Worship for All Ages
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Other Contents

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Print Schedule

Edition For resources that require editing/layout:
Materials due to Communications by
All materials printed and delivered to print shop by Mailroom packing and distribution
January Completed Completed Completed
May March 27 April 14 April 24 – 30
September July 24 August 7 August 24 – 27
January November 30  (2020) December 14 (2020) January 4 – 7
May April 2 April 16 April 26 – 29
September August 2 August 13 August 23 – 27

Please note: These dates are firm. Often there is time-sensitive material to circulate and we will not hold up the mailing for late submissions. See below for information regarding PCPak submissions.


Inserts in PCPak are from the committees, agencies, bodies and courts that directly report to the General Assembly. Inserts are accepted under specific parameters. Resources submitted to PCPak must:
  • directly apply to members of the PCC
  • not be discriminatory, exclusive or be contrary to Presbyterian Church in Canada/Leading with Care values, principles and policies
  • be provided in both print and electronic format
  • not cause excessive weight/mailing complications
  • not directly compete with any PCC resources, such as the gift catalogue
  • arrive in the PCC print shop prior to the deadline
  • must fit in a 10 x 13 tyvek envelope
  • be approved by the Associate Secretary, Communications

Submissions are due a minimum of ten working days prior to the packing/distribution date. We ask that organizations limit their submissions to one insert per issue, whenever possible, in order to prevent exceeding the weight restrictions.

For questions or comments about PCPak, please email Barb Summers, Associate Secretary, Communications, or call 1-800-619-7301 or 416-441-1111 ext. 243.