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Online learning opportunities from PWS&D offer information on overseas projects, resources and events, as well as tips and tools to play an active role in our shared ministry to the most vulnerable.

Each webinar is free and made possible through generous gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.

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Archived webinars

Presenters: Cantave Jean-Baptiste (Partnership for Local Development, Haiti) and John Popiel (PWS&D Program Coordinator, Latin America and the Caribbean)

Cantave Jean-Baptiste is the executive director of Partnership for Local Development (PDL) in Haiti, a PWS&D partner through membership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. In this webinar, Cantave will provide exciting insights about the PWS&D-supported project he oversees in Haiti that is helping famers improve their agricultural production and rise above hunger.

Presented by: Andrea Perrett, PWS&D Committee member

How can we bring PWS&D into our mission and ministry year-round, at times when we aren’t necessarily called to respond to disasters and conflict? This webinar will help equip you to bring PWS&D’s long-term development projects into the spotlight.

Presented by: Susan Viegas (PWS&D Committee member), Kristen Winters and Anna Muir

With monitoring trip highlights from PWS&D committee member Susan Viegas and staff members Kristen Winters and Anna Muir, this webinar will provide exclusive updates, information and impact stories from projects in Malawi and Ghana.

Presented by: The Rev. Dr. Sarah Travis

PWS&D Sunday—held each year on the first Sunday in February—is a day to celebrate the work our church is doing to serve vulnerable communities around the world. This webinar will provide you with tips and tools to plan for your PWS&D Sunday on February 3, 2019, or any other Sunday of the year.

Presenters: Karen Bokma (Communications Coordinator) and Anna Muir (Communications Assistant)

During the season of Christmas, many Canadians compassionately respond to share their gifts with those living in poverty, hunger or emergency situations overseas. This webinar will explore practical ways to talk about and encourage generosity to address the root causes of poverty and empower vulnerable communities for the long-term.

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