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Water and Sanitation Project Saves Lives in South Sudan

by Karen Bokma

In the world’s youngest country, years of civil unrest have displaced large segments of the population. The United Nations estimates that there are 1.75 million internally displaced people (IDP) in South Sudan. As the conflict enters its fifth year, the humanitarian crisis is only getting worse. Ongoing violence and sustained economic decline have left people […]

Ten Ways Access to Clean Water Helps Communities Thrive

by Anna Muir

On March 22, we observe World Water Day and focus on the importance of clean water for all creation. Last year, your support for PWS&D’s water, sanitation and hygiene project in Malawi improved access to safe, fresh water in 10 villages. Almost 2,000 people benefited from new wells and water points and 660 families used […]

“Our community is now clean and so is my home”

by Anna Muir

In Canada, clean water and proper sanitation facilities help us live healthy and productive lives. Around the world, one in three people lacks improved sanitation. For those people, taking control of their own health and well-being can be a challenge. Lyness Nanyesha in Malawi knows this all too well. In her village, household toilets had […]

PWSDevelopments 2015, Issue 3: Water for Life

by Anna Muir

Clean water is essential for life, but about one in nine people worldwide are forced to collect water from contaminated sources. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about the ways that PWS&D-supported water projects in Malawi are helping people like Edna and Torrius prevent water-borne diseases and access clean, life-giving water for the long-term. In a […]

Respond with PWS&D to Malawi Floods

by Karen Bokma

Heavy rain and floods in Malawi have swept many houses away and caused residents to leave their homes—more than 100,000 people have been displaced. A third of the country has been declared a disaster zone. As the waters have started to recede, PWS&D’s partners in Malawi have been coordinating with local communities to assess damage […]

Youth in Salmon Arm BC Raise $3,900 for clean water

by Karen Bokma

Ainsley Sosnowsky and Karrah Cochrane—ages 13 and 11—are the only members of the youth group at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Although small in number, their efforts will transform the life of a community in Africa struggling with water shortages. While turning on the tap to get a drink or flushing […]

Clean Water Creates Healthy Communities

by Karen Bokma

If you were to listen to people in Chimbonano village in southern Malawi talk about the water project in their community, you would begin to understand how transformational a safe, clean source of water is. Before the PWS&D water project began, access to clean water was a huge challenge for the village. Community members were […]

We Respond Together: 2013 Worship Resource

by Karen Bokma

This sermon, written by The Rev. Dr. Sarah Travis, explores what Jesus’ commandment to “love one another as he loved you” really means in our globalized world. As a church our mission to love one another has expanded to fill the whole earth. The imagery of foot washing is used to explain how we can […]