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Knowledge Nourishes Babies and Families in Nicaragua

by Stephanie Chunoo

Cristina Flete is a mother of two—a four-year-old and a four-month-old. When Cristina had her first baby, she didn’t know about the impact exclusive breastfeeding or early childhood development activities could affect the long-term health of her children. In Villa Guadalupe, where Cristina lives, many young mothers are unaware of the importance of these activities. […]

PWS&D Responds to Serious Drought in Somalia

by Anna Muir

Packets of Plumpy’nut are small, but mighty. These ready-to-use therapeutic food servings are essential to meeting the food needs of 7,700 people vulnerable to severe hunger and malnutrition in the Gedo region of Somalia. Dealing with Drought… Again Men and women living in Gedo used to make ends meet by farming and raising livestock. Yet, […]

Boosting Bodies and Minds in Haiti

by Anna Muir

When children don’t receive proper food at crucial stages in their development, they miss out on the nutrients they need to grow—both physically and mentally. Persistent drought and a changing climate in Haiti continue to rob families of food and make them more susceptible to diseases. Though their voices are small, their needs are great: […]

Empowered Women, Healthy Children

by Anna Muir

When 25-year-old Brenda decided to attend workshops on cooking and nutrition, she faced her share of criticism. Brenda’s mother thought their small Guatemalan community would condemn Brenda for spending time away from her own three children—especially because she is a single mother. She told Brenda that her place was in the home. But for Brenda, […]

Health Care on the Move in Haiti

by Anna Muir

Good health and well-being are essential to building prosperous and sustainable communities. But for many poor women, men and children living in vulnerable communities around the world, care from a medical professional is out of reach—often in terms of both physical distance and expense. By supporting community health workers in St. Marc, Haiti, we are […]

Responding to Drought in Somalia

by Anna Muir

Somalia is grappling with its worst drought in 40 years. Minimal rainfall, widespread crop failure and livestock deaths have brought crisis to millions of Somalis now facing severe hunger, malnutrition and disease. The crippling effects of the drought are made worse by militant violence and a lack of response from an unstable government. More than […]

Feeding Centres in War-Torn South Sudan Saving Lives

by Anna Muir

For too long, Regina and her eight children struggled living in a country torn apart by violence. In her hometown of Leer, South Sudan, armed men had burned homes, raped women and killed civilians. Three years of civil war left both the community and Regina’s hope in ruins. Faced with the ongoing conflict, Regina decided […]

Video: What is Malnutrition?

by Karen Bokma

Hidden hunger is a form of malnutrition that affects millions around the world. Hidden hunger occurs when people consume what appears to be enough food, yet that food lacks the nutrients required to promote development and sustain health. Approximately 2 billion people worldwide–many of them children–suffer from hidden hunger.

“I am very thankful for the knowledge that we have gained”

by Anna Muir

Sandra couldn’t understand why her sons Erling, 4, and Gerson, 2, were chronically ill and underweight. She fed her children what she thought to be wholesome, filling foods. But in fact, the soup, tortilla chips and soda that made up much of their diet had very little nutritional value. “We believed that the food we […]