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Shining Hospital Provides More Than Medicine in Nepal

by Stephanie Chunoo

*Currently, the number of COVID-cases in Nepal is low. PWS&D’s partner in Nepal, the International Nepal Fellowship, is practicing all necessary safety precautions at their health facilities and continuously monitoring the situation. Health programs do so much more than make sure medicine is available to people in need. In Nepal, when people struggling with skin […]

Bringing Hope for A Healthier Future

by Karen Bokma

In a country where the prevalence of leprosy is two and a half times higher than the global average, the Shining Hospital is helping people overcome illness and get back to their normal lives. This year the hospital has given over 15,000 people hope for a healthier future. Life Interrupted Ram lived with his wife […]

A Long-Awaited Answer

by Anna Muir

Keshari Bohara wasn’t sure why she felt numbness, or why she had an ulcer on her hand. She had been taking the herbs prescribed to her by a traditional healer for three years but they didn’t seem to be making things better. Then the 58-year-old walked into the Shining Hospital and received the answers she […]

A Warm Welcome for Jumai

by Anna Muir

Though treatment for leprosy is available in parts of Nepal, it is not always accessible for those living in poverty. Jumai Darji knows this all too well. The father of four lives with his wife in India but commutes half a day to Nepal to work as a labourer. His daily wages are barely enough […]

Smiling Again: Pursottam’s Story

by Anna Muir

As a bus driver, Pursottam spent his days on the road, driving hours back and forth between the Nepali districts of Surkhet and Dailekh. The days were long, but Pursottam was thankful for a way to earn money and provide for his wife and two children. One day at work, Pursottam felt a strange pain […]

“I hope more people like me will be helped by this clinic”

by Anna Muir

Sita visited more than 10 hospitals over the course of two years and spent nearly all of her savings on medical tests. Still, a persistent illness she had developed went undiagnosed. Sita first noticed something was wrong while stitching together a garment at her tailoring shop in Nepal. Her hands started to feel numb and […]

Emotional Support Program Unites Communities in Nepal

by Anna Muir

It’s Saturday morning in Ghusel, Nepal. The rising sun casts light upon an expanse of makeshift shelters—a sea of bamboo, wood and tarpaulins. When the devastating earthquake shook Nepal last April, all but five of the 355 houses in Ghusel were reduced to rubble. The physical impact of the quake is still visible. It is […]

Nepal: Women Lead the Way in Reconstruction Efforts

by Karen Bokma

It takes a village to restore a village. Nine months after the April 25, 2015 earthquake destroyed 600,000 buildings throughout Nepal, the people of Sanogoan are working together to rebuild their homes and their lives. The town still looks like a tented camp—white tents in neat rows, with solar lights hanging from the roofs. Women […]

Nepal: Villages Model Reconstruction After Earthquake

by Karen Bokma

The village of Sanogoan, at the edge of Kathmandu Valley, was one of the many villages devastated by the earthquake that struck Nepal last April. In the aftermath of the earthquake the town turned into a tented camp, after so many houses were destroyed. While home reconstruction in Nepal has been delayed, 90 families from […]

Food Assistance Aids Recovery in Nepal

by Karen Bokma

Kanchii Tamang lost almost everything when the earthquake struck Nepal almost a year ago. She had been living in a hut in the village of Sipapokhare, which she describes losing, “It was like a dream when I saw my home turned into a ruin within seconds.” Though she lost her home and all of the […]