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Maternal Health Today and Tomorrow

by Stephanie Chunoo

Ainafe Gordon knew things would be different with her most recent pregnancy. For several years, volunteers in her community had been travelling from home to home, sharing important information for new and expecting mothers. This was the 30-year-old’s third pregnancy and while nothing had gone wrong with the first two, she knew things could have […]

Making a Difference in Malawi

by Stephanie Chunoo

By John Bannerman, minister at Chalmers PC in London, Ont. and PWS&D committee member I’m writing this just over a month after returning from a PWS&D monitoring trip to Malawi and yet it seems like so long ago now, as we deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I worry that the coronavirus will […]

Maternal Health in Afghanistan

by Stephanie Chunoo

In many parts of the developing world, when the sun sets, delivery wards become empty—without somewhere for nurses and midwives to stay nearby, late-night deliveries are often not attended by health care professionals. Even at the times of day when medical staff are available, many women do not have the transportation or the finances to […]

Mothers Empower Others: Help Moms Be the Best They Can Be

by Anna Muir

In much of the developing world, women spend many hours working in their fields, walking long distances to collect water, preparing food and caring for children. On top of this, they often run small businesses to earn extra income to ensure a brighter future for their children. Mothers are often the central pillars of their […]

“We are role models”

by Anna Muir

In many Malawian communities, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases and other reproductive health topics are shrouded in taboo. They are not taught in school or discussed at home. And yet, reproductive health is so important for healthy, prosperous communities. While helping mothers and newborns survive and thrive after childbirth, PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health […]

Third Annual Ride for Refuge Benefits Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

by Anna Muir

Putting passion into action, 30 PWS&D supporters hit the streets of London, Toronto, Brampton and Hamilton in the Ride for Refuge on Saturday, September 29. The Ride for Refuge is a nation-wide cycling and walking fundraiser that helps charities raise money for the displaced, vulnerable and persecuted. For the third year in a row, PWS&D […]

Making Hope a Reality in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

Before the sun rises each day, Fahima is out tending and watering her small plot of land. She works hard to grow the wheat and corn that she will sell in order to provide for her family. Unfortunately, her earnings are rarely enough. No matter how hard she works, Fahima sometimes struggles to meet the […]

Moved to Move for a Better World

by Anna Muir

Inequalities to healthcare access endure throughout the globe. To foster a more sustainable, compassionate and just world, good health and well-being for all is vital. This September 30, you have the chance to help build healthy and hopeful communities by participating in the Ride for Refuge—a cycling and walking fundraiser with locations across Canada—in support […]

“Things Are Different Now” – Maternal Health in Malawi

by Karen Bokma

Misuzi Tembo is pregnant with her first child. While she would rather be sharing this joyful and nerve-wracking life experience with her husband, she is often alone. Misuzi‘s husband lives and works in South Africa to support their family. This situation is common for many of the women living in her village of Kayeleka Banda. […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 4: “I cannot express how happy I am”

by Anna Muir

While the journey to ensure healthy, abundant life for all is not over, PWS&D is making a difference for communities in Malawi and Afghanistan by improving access to necessary maternal, newborn and child health services. In Afghanistan, Khori and new mother Shazia are especially grateful for support from PWS&D’s maternal health program. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, […]