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A Chance for a Healthy Life in Somalia

by Anna Muir

Dhaqan was worried about her daughter. At five months old, little Saynab weighed only eight pounds. She wasn’t eating and had developed a fever. Dhaqan and Saynab live in a camp for displaced persons in Somalia, in a region made vulnerable by prolonged drought. Dhaqan could see that a lack of food, poor hygiene and […]

Health Care on the Move in Haiti

by Anna Muir

Good health and well-being are essential to building prosperous and sustainable communities. But for many poor women, men and children living in vulnerable communities around the world, care from a medical professional is out of reach—often in terms of both physical distance and expense. By supporting community health workers in St. Marc, Haiti, we are […]

“My child might have died”

by Anna Muir

In Koch County, South Sudan, Mariah cradles her one-year-old daughter Nyruei. For too long they’ve struggled to fill their stomachs. Each day they face the threat of an attack by armed rebel groups. Mariah and Nyruei are living in the heart of a civil war in South Sudan. After four years of bitter violence, just […]

Video: What is Malnutrition?

by Karen Bokma

Hidden hunger is a form of malnutrition that affects millions around the world. Hidden hunger occurs when people consume what appears to be enough food, yet that food lacks the nutrients required to promote development and sustain health. Approximately 2 billion people worldwide–many of them children–suffer from hidden hunger.