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The Long Road to Recovery: One Year After Hurricane Matthew

by Anna Muir

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti with a ferocity that caused widespread flooding, damage and displacement. Much of the island nation was still rebuilding from destruction caused by the earthquake in 2010. For the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, another deadly disaster was debilitating. Moved by compassion, Presbyterians across Canada responded […]

Food Aid Strengthens Rural Communities After Hurricane Matthew

by Anna Muir

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” The enthusiastic refrain comes from a small group of farmers living in Miragoâne, Haiti—a region devastated by Hurricane Matthew, which slammed into the country seven months ago. After 800 of the most vulnerable families received emergency food rations through a PWS&D-supported project with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the hardworking women […]

Food Assistance in Haiti Helps 1,200 Families After Hurricane

by Karen Bokma

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew slammed into the southwest coast of Haiti. In the wake of the powerful storm, parts of the island nation faced complete destruction. Winds up to 240 km/h, flooding and mudslides damaged roads and homes, flattened fields, caused food and water shortages and triggered widespread illness. With the death toll […]

Responding to Hurricane Matthew

by Karen Bokma

Hurricane Matthew has struck Haiti leaving devastation in its wake. With the death toll topping 1,000 and entire communities destroyed, the United Nations estimates that 1.4 million people are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. PWS&D will be responding through our local partners and the ACT Alliance. Immediate assistance in the form of food, emergency […]