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A Long-Awaited Answer

by Anna Muir

Keshari Bohara wasn’t sure why she felt numbness, or why she had an ulcer on her hand. She had been taking the herbs prescribed to her by a traditional healer for three years but they didn’t seem to be making things better. Then the 58-year-old walked into the Shining Hospital and received the answers she […]

“We are role models”

by Anna Muir

In many Malawian communities, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases and other reproductive health topics are shrouded in taboo. They are not taught in school or discussed at home. And yet, reproductive health is so important for healthy, prosperous communities. While helping mothers and newborns survive and thrive after childbirth, PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health […]

Empowering Girls in India to Decide Their Own Future

by Anna Muir

Poonam was only 13 years old when she learned that her parents had arranged for her to be married in just a few months. Poonam had been attending school in the village of Nandlali in a poor region of India, close to the Nepali border. Now, she would have to give up her dream of […]

A Warm Welcome for Jumai

by Anna Muir

Though treatment for leprosy is available in parts of Nepal, it is not always accessible for those living in poverty. Jumai Darji knows this all too well. The father of four lives with his wife in India but commutes half a day to Nepal to work as a labourer. His daily wages are barely enough […]

Health Care on the Move in Haiti

by Anna Muir

Good health and well-being are essential to building prosperous and sustainable communities. But for many poor women, men and children living in vulnerable communities around the world, care from a medical professional is out of reach—often in terms of both physical distance and expense. By supporting community health workers in St. Marc, Haiti, we are […]

Smiling Again: Pursottam’s Story

by Anna Muir

As a bus driver, Pursottam spent his days on the road, driving hours back and forth between the Nepali districts of Surkhet and Dailekh. The days were long, but Pursottam was thankful for a way to earn money and provide for his wife and two children. One day at work, Pursottam felt a strange pain […]

“I hope more people like me will be helped by this clinic”

by Anna Muir

Sita visited more than 10 hospitals over the course of two years and spent nearly all of her savings on medical tests. Still, a persistent illness she had developed went undiagnosed. Sita first noticed something was wrong while stitching together a garment at her tailoring shop in Nepal. Her hands started to feel numb and […]

PWSDevelopments 2017, Issue 1: “Making a Difference on the Road to Abundant Life”

by Anna Muir

Signs of abundant life may be difficult to spot in parts of the world fraught with war, poverty and oppression. But change starts small—with each individual who is transforming their life with the support of PWS&D donors, partners and projects. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, we celebrate the impact of our programs in development and relief by sharing the […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 4: “I cannot express how happy I am”

by Anna Muir

While the journey to ensure healthy, abundant life for all is not over, PWS&D is making a difference for communities in Malawi and Afghanistan by improving access to necessary maternal, newborn and child health services. In Afghanistan, Khori and new mother Shazia are especially grateful for support from PWS&D’s maternal health program. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, […]

World Malaria Day – April 25

by Karen Bokma

Malaria is one of Africa’s most severe health challenges and one of its most prevalent childhood diseases. Presbyterian World Service & Development is working to reduce the incidence of malaria by teaching communities how to prevent the spread. Community leaders are taking an active role in teaching about prevention and control of malaria. By teaching […]