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A Home Away from Home

by Anna Muir

Belief in witchcraft is fairly widespread in Ghana. A part of Ghanaian mythology, it is often used as an explanation for unusual or unfortunate happenings such as when a marriage breaks up or crops fail, or as an explanation for symptoms of mental or physical illness. Elderly women are blamed most frequently and can be […]

Mission and Musings in Ghana

by Anna Muir

A reflection from Susan Viegas, PWS&D Committee Member and member of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto. In September 2018, I had the privilege of accompanying Kristen Winters, PWS&D’s Africa program coordinator, on a monitoring and evaluation trip to Ghana. As a newly appointed member of PWS&D’s committee, this was a fabulous and timely opportunity to […]

The Journey Home

by Karen Bokma

It’s a truly joyful day for Madam Paonyuug. She is finally being reunited with her family after spending 19 years living in the Gambaga Outcast Home in northern Ghana. One of the oldest women living in the camp, she fled to Gambaga after being accused of bewitching her own son. “My son got a swollen […]

Reclaiming Their Dignity: Ghana’s Camps for Women Accused of Witchcraft

by Karen Bokma

After the failure of crops, the death of a child or an unexplained event, there is a tendency in some Ghanaian communities to suspect witchcraft as the culprit. While no evidence is actually required, the results are almost always disastrous for the women accused. An Unfortunate Turn of Events The death of Magazia’s second husband […]